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ET8500 QUAD TUNER wooshbuild and cable

Discussion in 'Xtrend' started by bacardi, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. bacardi

    bacardi Member

    I see there's a wooshbuild for sat has any one tried changing the tuners to cable and seen how it runs. I can't test it yet as I don't have cable (being installed with my new house). I can't really see why it's labeled as sat only
  2. pex

    pex Member

  3. pex

    pex Member

    Although, I just pretty much followed my old guide instead.... http://www.techkings.org/index.php?threads/99077/

    However you do it I always find that after uninstalling AB. And installing ABM you are still left with the bouquets from AB,. So had.manually delete those via etc/enigma2 and deleting all. TV, radio and bouquet files within this folder... Or an easier way was via bouquets editor, which is accessible via openwebif by typing the IP adress of the box info a browser connected to the same network.

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  4. pex

    pex Member

    I now have wooshbuild with cable and satellite working and have installed chabs VM HD 2 skin, to top it off

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  5. pex

    pex Member

    Note to anyone who has enabled multi boot (two boot partitions/operating systems)

    Do not Install the basebuild on the 2nd partition.

    The online downloader and flash tool overwrites partition 1, instead of the usual outcome of images Flashing the partition on which it was ran.

    Luckily I'd recently made a backup of my own build, that used to be on partition 1. So I flashed openatv 6 over the base build image on Partition 2 and then flashed the backup over it

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  6. bacardi

    bacardi Member

    Thanks I give it a go when I move in next Friday. Hopefully I'll get the Ppv boxing on virmin
  7. Do150

    Do150 Member

    Is this build VIX based?
  8. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I think Woosh only uses ATV.
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  9. Do150

    Do150 Member

    Cheers bud

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