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Discussion in 'Slingbox' started by NickM, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Beemer2010

    Beemer2010 Member

    How do I uninstall XtreamTV_0.0.1_mips32el.ipk as my provider has sent me one to try as currently will not validate.
  2. Beemer2010

    Beemer2010 Member

    opkg remove XtreamTV
    This seemed to remove
  3. edmoses

    edmoses Member

    opkg remove XtreamTV via Putty (Telnet)
  4. Beemer2010

    Beemer2010 Member

    Was working fine with my IPTV provider and now when I load it says there is a problem with the connection to the server ?
  5. Beemer2010

    Beemer2010 Member

    I'm using OpenATV5.3 build and maybe it crashes using Xtreme TV. Should I upgrade to Wooshbuild 6 ?
  6. cacawachi

    cacawachi Member

    That mean the server is not active
    Download the app again and try again
    See if that help
    Some iptv suppliers tend to change hostnames and servers and they usually don't look after it (especially the cheap ones)
    If you still require help please notify me

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  7. Mickyrobbo1

    Mickyrobbo1 Member

    Guys have tried all your ways and still cant get it to activate on v6 wB with putty,,usb,,tmp,ftp,Don't think its there Modem or router,
    I can get the iptv working no probs using eSettings and dropping it into the bouquet folders but epg none existent ,I know its not really good anyhow but was wanting to see what Xtream app was like is there any other palyers to use on zgemmahs H2s, that might even give now and next when on a channel.
  8. Yorkshirejok

    Yorkshirejok Member

    Does anyone know if the BT's Smart Settings within the BT home hub has an effect on xtreamtv running IPTV?

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  9. cacawachi

    cacawachi Member

    You mean openbox v6 ?

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  10. cacawachi

    cacawachi Member

    You mean openbox v6 ?

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  11. smithy3075

    smithy3075 Member

    That could be a problem yes, it certainly stopped kodi updating etc on the father in law's box
  12. NickM

    NickM Member

    I have my own router and not on BT
    It was the instant messaging port setting I had to change to make mine verify.
    By default on my router they are disabled but I had them blocked.
    Log in to your router and check port settings.

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