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Zgemma H2H - some issues - any advice??

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by dezinacity, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. dezinacity

    dezinacity Registered

    I have just recently setup a new h2h box and using dsayers openvix build with single bouquet maker etc.
    All working okay except for the fact that sometimes the sky HD channels pixelate - the pixelating varies - sometimes a lot sometimes not so much but is always there.
    Using the cable and splitter that vm installed
    Any advice on what i can do to get rid of this pixelating?

    second, i noticed that the box goes into a kind of sleep/standby mode overnight and in the morning i am having to turn box off/on again otherwise tv doesn't get a signal from box.
    can you turn this sleep mode off? or is there a simple wake up button somewhere? can't figure this one out

    lastly, a new channel is launching on sly on 4/7/16 - Star Utsav - will the current setup automatically pick this up? or how will you go about getting this channel on the box?

    thanks for all the help
  2. smiffy46

    smiffy46 Registered

    cant help with the first two -- but regarding the new channel, this depends if VM decide to carry it or not
  3. dezinacity

    dezinacity Registered

    I have both cable and satellite plugged in if that helps
  4. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    With the first issue maybe try another line see if that eliminates the issue

    Second issue have a look at epgrefresh there's an option to wake up and sleep when it starts and finishes

    If Star Utsav clears on sky it will be added to the whitelist download my latest image released today because if it comes out on vm in hd I will add it to the custom.xml then you can download it automatically from the box
  5. dezinacity

    dezinacity Registered

    Thanks @dsayers2014

    I have 2 x VM lines running and 1 x sly - the two vm lines don't make a difference. Maybe i will try changing the splitter later on as its not bothering me too much at the mo - will see what happens when the new pl season starts.

    i will try the epg refresh for point 2 - and do i need to download and install your latest image for point 3? channel doesn't go live until 04/07/16 so maybe i should wait til then?
  6. stebridges

    stebridges Registered

    did you every figure this out as I've got this problem now ? and am thinking about a new splitter?