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ZTE V960 $271.99 worth??

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Forum' started by rebbecali, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. rebbecali

    rebbecali Registered


    I just saw the ZTE V960 with Android 2.3 and Wifi, GPS for U.S. $271.99.

    I was thinking about getting the Samsung, but I think this ZTE V960 is a good price ...

    You know this machine ? You know the ZTE? Is it reliable? Is it worth it? Thanks for advance!
  2. axxxo

    axxxo VIP Member

    When you talk about the samsung i think you mean the galaxy s?
    If so then go for the samsung or if you want to go down the bill route then take a look at HTC's new models due to be released soon.
    There are alot of android phones out there, too many to list but there are alot with better specs than the one you are looking at so shop around wisely.

    Have a look here at the new HTC models, im not biased to HTC brands but its something new to look at to get you started.
    I have the Desire S and i believe its still a better phone than the new HTC One V model, bar the screen type.