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  1. Halopenos

    Halopenos Member

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can explain biss keys to me? Because I want to watch 16.0e on my zgemma h5.2tc but I was told my box can’t read biss keys so I shouldn’t install satellite at 16.0e? Can someone explain please? Thank you
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  2. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    you can install whatever sat you want,
    but with a box thats not capable of reading BISS keys you wont be able to open those channels
  3. jimzgemma

    jimzgemma Member

    So any Zgemma box can`t decode biss?
  4. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    I dont know,
    I dont have any zgemma boxes, but I dont think they can
    I have an Openbox V8s [ for BISS feeds ] , and I think @mike142 uses a V8 Golden , which is a far better box, especially for BISS,
  5. Halopenos

    Halopenos Member

    The guy providing my euro line says 16.0 works on plenty of his customers who have zgemma boxes? Where did you read zgemma h5.2tc doesn’t read biss keys?
  6. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    when did I say that.?

    eurolines open a few channels on 16, but you wont get much that you cant already get on 13 or 19 without BISS keys.

    do you know how to put BISS keys into your zgemma. ? its not very straightforward, if you reckon OSCAM is a walk in the park, then you will get BISS to work with a LOAD of hard work.
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  7. mike142

    mike142 Member

    Some satellite channels have Biss keys but Biss is mainly used for live feeds, there are a few Biss channels on 16E,- SNAI LIVE,SRTV Feed,HNL,SIC Int.,Kanal D, for each channel you have to enter a series of numbers & letters, (eg. - C0 78 12 4A 57 33 7B 05).
    A euro line will open some channels on 16E, these channels have nothing to do with Biss so why do you keep asking about Biss, this is your third post on this subject, you've already been given good advice & I've uploaded photos on your 1st post showing some of the channels you can get on 16E with a eurosub.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  8. Halopenos

    Halopenos Member

    Honestly I only seen your comments with the photos now on my previous thread and I really appreciate that and appreciate help from all of you and sorry if I’m annoying you all but I really am new to this so I don’t see why you’re all so hostile, just asking again because I really didn’t understand, I was just told about Biss keys, never what they were and what they do until this thread. Thanks.
  9. Celtic

    Celtic Member

    You should be able to open pretty much any biss encryption with all enigma based receivers providing you have active keys or a server issued line for whatever you are trying to view but you need to use the correct cam and i would say mgcamd is your friend there.

    However the real obstacle for you could be your dish size and whether you can actually recieve biss channels on the satellite/s you are trying to view biss encrypted channels on.... footprint wise that is, other issues you might face is your lnb band and whether that is up to the task also.

    What are you trying to watch on 16east? and what is your line provider telling you works biss wise on this satellite as i dont think much does tbh which i can see mike here has already pointed out.

    And btw we are not all hostile as you say, if you ask confusing questions over and over again then its hard to reply dude.
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