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28.2° east Channel List TM/DrHD/Blade 21/01/2015 (non linux) Receivers

Discussion in 'Technomate TM-500' started by ibz123, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. ibz123

    ibz123 Member

    This is the latest update for the channel listings for TM/DrHD/Blade 09/03/2015 these are for 28.2° east only.

    Fixed the BT Sport Audio Problem

    all Astra 2A channel move now complete so relevant channels updated

    Information from digicon whos from another forum not my hard work just sharing information.

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  2. mahmoodasif

    mahmoodasif Member

    I have an old Technomate tm 500 super box,

    I would like to update the channel list, I have downloaded the new channel list from here and ajsat, how do I transfer the file to my tm 500 super, I have got a R232 cable.

    Thanks in advance
  3. ibz123

    ibz123 Member

    Hi Mahmood Asif

    I am sorry that i got back to you very late me due to family commitment i've not had the chance to reply back to you
    Me personally never tried to load this on TM500 far as am aware you can use this software which will allow you to add the channels on and i've also found a latest channels for the TM boxes which may come in handy

    The software can be used to upload the channel listings via RS323 port (COM 1) port but you can try this at your own risk where me personally not tried this before.

    Hope this helps


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  4. upxpatriot

    upxpatriot Member

    any one got the frequency for bt 1 2 hd and uk gold +1 thanks ps my box is a blade bm 8000 combo
  5. thedarkknigh

    thedarkknigh Member

    Thanks hopefully this still works for tm500 super

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