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Another n00b switching from Sly

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by lee989, May 17, 2017.

  1. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    Just trying to collate some information before I switch to Virmin, any help is appreciated

    1. I want to at least be able to record and watch at the same time, which I guess means I need a box with 2 DVB-C tuners?
    2. I believe some tuners have a "loop out" which you can use to connect the tuners. This saves running multiple cables from the main internet/tv splitter. So you just run one main feed from the splitter, then "loop out" to "RF in" between the tuners? Is this the case? And is there a limit on the number of "loops" (i.e. could i run a feed to 1 Tuner, then "loop" in 3 additional tuners? or is there a reasonable maximum on the number of loops).
    3. Can Virmin detect in any way that your accessing their content? If so, do I need to do anything to try and avoid detection?
    4. Is there a certain box that seems popular with a minimum of 2 cable tuners? Getting more than 1 cable tuner in a box seems to be a limited market. Ive found a couple of Vu's, one gigablue and an xtrend (which i don't like as it has a mini tv built into the bloody thing!). Just wondering what seems to be a popular choice? (Trying to work out which one too get is difficult as they all seem pretty much the same).
    5. I believe Virmin went through an encryption change not all that long ago? Which I presume means they won't be pushing out any changes to stop these working any time soon? (I know you dont have a crystal ball).

    That's it for now :)
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  2. ste

    ste TK Veteran

    1. Yes you would
    2. The zgemma h5.2tc for example is a twin dvb-c but it's hybrid so the signal splits inside the box so only needs 1 feed going to it
    3. They could see it on your network but they're unlikely to do anything about it but you can change the name of the box to something else which makes it less obvious.
    4. As said, H5.2TC is what's popular at the moment especially for the price.
    5. Nobody knows so it's a risk as is most things of this nature but if you get 2 months out of it, you've not lost anything.
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    Hi Lee989,

    1 - Yes you will need a box with more than one DVB-C Tuner to be able to record one channel and watch another. You may have to get 2 subs to cover both feeds..
    2 - from my limited knowledge, there are 2 boxes you can get. One with a twin DVB-c tuner which has the "loop" in built in to the tuner and a dual tuner box where like you say, you run a cable from tuner A out to tuner B in but i am not sure how many loops you can use. Someone else may be able to advise.
    3 - If you try to access their content then they may be able to tell but i wouldn't know. if its anything like a computer network, they may be able to scan the network to see what devices are attached to it?
    4 - I think the vu duo has a twin tuner (no need for a loop) which seems to be popular. I have a mutant HD51 with loop which works really well :)
    5 - only god knows ;-)

    there are plenty of posts with this information through this forum. Have a cuppa tea and a read :)
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  4. bees

    bees VIP Member

    1. Yes you need two tuners.
    2. Different boxes work different ways, some don't loop so you need a splitter, VU twin tuners split inside the box so only require one coax feed, FBC
    tuners only require one feed in but allow you to record up to 8 channels at a time.
    3. Not sure, but they can definitely detect the box on your home network.
    4. Vu has a good reputation I would go for one of them over the other two, order it pre flashed with OpenVix
    5. Ask Mystic Meg :D

    Cable subs are approx. twice the price of sat subs
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  5. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    Thanks for all the replies. I honestly did read a lot of forum posts but it's good to get my questions down in my words and get answers rather than trying to interpret and maybe getting something wrong. I did happen to stumble across the information about some tuners being split internally rather than requiring two physical tuner cards and feeds although I can't seem to find the "item code" (for want of a better term) that indicates whether it's split internally, I guess i'll just have to trust that when the box says "2 x DVB-C" then it really is twin regardless of the number of inputs i see on the back.

    I've pretty much discounted the xtrends, edisons e.c.t. as they seem to have the same cpu/mem as the zgemma's, and I quite like the zgemma boxes and their remote (albeit i've only had mine for 1 year, so I can't comment on the longevity of them). I am tempted by the VU boxes as they seem to have better specs. I hate being given a choice (you should see me looking at TV's!), but from what I can tell, the majority of the boxes are pretty much the same thing and doesn't really matter which you opt for, so I guess i just need to pick one and order it!
  6. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Registered

    Check out Octagon SF4008

    I personally use the Technomate SE M2 Plus with twin Cable tuner and built in HDD (does the job for now)

    Is it possible to use the VM feed if you don't have VM Broadband?

    I've tested the feed and it worked but I was concerned if the activity got picked up and VM killed the line?
  7. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    I've actually been considering the VU UNO with the FBC tuner. Cheaper than the VU DUO (presumably because it only provides one tuner slot) but has better specs than the xtrend's/edison's/zgemma's which are all pretty similar in terms of hardware from what i can tell.

    I haven't even heard of Octagon, so I will take a look.

    You do need VM BB for the TV to work. Dumbing down the tech stuff (because I don't understand it that well) I believe its a case of when you get VM, they just switch on your line which provides both BB & TV over the same connection, and they can't (or don't) manage them independently. I have read a few threads in the past 24 hours where people have not had VM BB but the TV still works. I think people have put this down too VM just not having switched off the line for whatever reason. I would assume VM can detect activity on the line however, so it's just a gamble on if they detect it or not. If you get a couple of months out of it then it's paid for itself at least, anything after that is a bonus. I have VM BB anyway so I dont have that concern :D. You could try leaving a box connected on BBC 1 or something, that should generate some activity on the line too see if they disconnect it or not.
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  8. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    Thanks again for all your help people. Just ordered me a VU+ UNO 4K, just need to go screwfix and buy some cable, and learn how to setup a box on my own (feel like I should play with OpenVix now I have a box thats officially supported - and wooshbuild doesn't appear to be supported yet :haha:)
  9. ste

    ste TK Veteran

    How come you went for the 4k one? ... doesn't this mean you also need a 4K television and the program you're watching needs to be broadcasting in 4K too? if so then the 4K is a waste of time because there's no 4K channels on cable cs.


    Awesome :-D Looks like a nice box B-)

    Don't forget that Maplins sell the WF100 cable you need (XS16S - Black, XS17S White):)

    I bought the labgear splitter from screwfix which works fine ;-) I know the 5/1000mhz is recommended but if you are stuck, the 5/2400mhz worked for me (and others)


    The 10 pack of F-Connectors from screwfix also work a treat. The bit that screws on to the cable was snug but managed to fit it fine. I cut the rubber around the cable and screwed it over the metal shielding :)

  11. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    Is the RG6 cable from screwfix not any good then? I saw some people on here had recommended that?


    Sorry, i should have said "if screwfix have run out of cable" before my comment as i meant that you can also get it from Maplin.

    Sorry about the confusion :)
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  13. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    ok, screwfix is closer so I'll probably just grab that :) Thanks
  14. lee989

    lee989 Registered

    The 4K didn't really swing it for me anyway (as I don't have a 4k TV). It will do HD & SD of course which is what I want. It was various other specs that made my mind up. The FBC tuner, better hardware resources in comparison to other boxes in it's price range, the VU+ brand is of course a nice pull as well (whilst i understand i'm paying a premium for a label - the build quality is also top notch from reviews i've read).

    Although I must also admit the variety of choice also pushed me towards it too... Nearly every brand has a box with twin cable tuner, and the specs of each are near identical (and surprisingly share the same specs with the zgemma too - i'm not sure why that box gets so much hate). Not being able to logically filter all those mid-level boxes kind of fried my brain for a few hours so being able to look at some specs and say the VU is better on paper than the Edison/Xtrend/Mutant/Whatever just helped me rationalise... I'm also the type of person that spends several days looking at forums, reviews and specs when buying a £2.99 mobile charger cable, so variety is definitely not the spice of my life :haha:
  15. ste

    ste TK Veteran

    Fair enough - let me know how you get on :)
  16. TVUser

    TVUser Registered

    I have an on-line mate who has been using the 4K with VM for quite a few months now. I have been having extensive discussions with him recently 'cos he has a problem (not really related to what you want to use the receiver for). But some points about the 4K:
    This is the model he's got:
    VU+ Uno 4K 1x DVB-C CABLE FBC Tuner Linux Enigma 2 Receiver UHD 2160p

    It appears to have 8 demodulators ("virtual") tuners in it, so, potentially, you can watch one channel & record 7 others. He frequently records 4 HD channels at once.

    It will only work with Oscam softcam.

    A 4K TV isn't necessary. Its upscaling of HD and even SD is superb.

    It is a very fast box.

    One point: there are many rumours of VM phasing out smart cards. When this happens, card sharing is dead until someone works their magic on the new encryption (doubt it will take long). So, since the tuners aren't modular (like the Duo 2), you cannot replace them with satellite tuners. So, the 4K becomes a nive looking brick. Having said that, it appears that on Sly CS, channels are disappearing all the time as well.

    Freeview: with a satellite receiver, you will get all the freeview channels, even without a Sly account. With VM cable, without a CS, you will get a mere 4: (I believe BBC1, BBC2, ITV, CH4 & Ch5, all in glorious SD). And that's it. All other "freeview" channels on VM are encrypted.

    Hope that helps
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  17. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Registered

    The tuners on the Vu+ Uno 4k and Ultimo 4k are plug and play types so they are interchangeable.
  18. goose1

    goose1 Guest

    way things are going vm is only way to go down or iptv
  19. diskos

    diskos T K Veteran

    interesting - so the FBC Tuner will give you 8 channels on a single CABLE feed. thats pretty neat.