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Anyone on here supply VM cable & Splitter

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by Red_Stafford, May 18, 2017.

  1. Red_Stafford

    Red_Stafford Member

    Hi all I need to split my cable feed, is there anyone on here who can supply high quality splitter and terminated cables

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  2. sinky077

    sinky077 Member

    eBay as them
  3. stevepoulter

    stevepoulter Member

    Search "CATV splitter" on eBay. You normally get the a two way splitter and some RF cables as a package.

    Roughly about a fiver Inc postage
  4. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Yeah, I can sort you some out but you'd need to pick them up - i'm in Merseyside :)
  5. H4MZ4

    H4MZ4 Member

    I'd avoid the £5 package ones personally.

    Bought the "electrosmart" ones which is the top listing for that, couldn't handle my SH3 and H2H
  6. Rovers95

    Rovers95 Member

    Do you need a splitter or any other adapters, if you have live feeds into the broadband hub and a TiVo box to set up a h2h box for example.

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  7. Would you feel comfortable making your own?

    There are plenty of guides on youtube on how to put the F Connector on the ends.

    If you made your own, you would have the knowledge to make more plus fix a lead if it broke...

    Yes it does cost a little more but the quality of the actual lead will probably be better plus you can say that you did it B-)

    Do you have any old leads lying around that you could practice on?
  8. Red_Stafford

    Red_Stafford Member

    Would prefer a proper compression ended cable

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