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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For IPTV - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. MrFudge

    MrFudge Member

    Needed IPTV with VOD must be good prices.
  2. watsondesign

    watsondesign Member

    Hi does anyone have access to VOD with 4K? Thanks
  3. paulbilly78

    paulbilly78 Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for an IPTV subscription (UK only) with complete Sly package, inc BT Sports for my ZGemma H2S to work with Wooshbuild
    EPG bouquets with correct Sly channels (if this is possible)
    Pause, record and rewind
    No freezing / buffering
    No VPN

    Not bothered about VOD or 3pm kicks-offs but I would prefer to trial it first

    Many thanks
  4. Shiv

    Shiv TK Veteran


    Looking for a sly uk iptv for my zgemma h2s.

    Must have full working epg

  5. Scaveman

    Scaveman Member

    IPTV needed to use on my zgemma h2s.

    I would need ALL sly UK Channel line up ONLY. PPV included.

    In script format so I can ftp the line to the box. No plugins/addon stuff

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  6. Signet222

    Signet222 Member

    Hi , Looking for iptv for Zgemma h2s. full working epg, no vpn, thanks.
  7. pgibs

    pgibs Member

    IPTV required for a Zgemma 2S running Wooshbuild.

    * Sly Sports
    * BT Sports
    * 3pm U.K. Kick offs
    * PPV
    * USA Channels.

    No freezing/buffering! Thanks
  8. Mossy85

    Mossy85 Member

    Require full 12 month IPTV package with full epg.
    Package to including Movies, Sports, VOD, PPV, UK & Ireland channels.
    Foreign channels not required.
    Device is a ZGemma H.2S
    Not interested in over subscribed servers.
    Must be a respected, stable and reliable service.
    24h test please.
  9. zlan

    zlan Member

    Hi looking for Iptv trial through smart iptv app through mac address with all channels including irish and sport etc.
  10. peterb5163

    peterb5163 Member

    Hi looking for a new IPTV server. Looking for multiroom 3 stream, 2 zgemma boxes and pc/android box. uk channels, Celtic & Rangers tv. would want a test first

  11. ontherun

    ontherun Member

    Morning folks,

    Recommendation for iptv on Zgemma h2s appreciated.
    • Full EPG
    • Not as a plugin
    • Record, although not essential
    • PPV
    • 3PM matches, USA Channels and all soccer channels
    • Celtic TV
    • No need for non English speaking inernational channels other than sport
    • No freezing
    • On Demand
    • Multi-room
    • No VPN
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  12. gmcclinton

    gmcclinton Member

    Hi , looking 4 recommendation for excellent freeze free iptv subscription = sport for pc play no vpn ! Cheers
  13. naeem111

    naeem111 Member

    looking for iptv sub with timeshifting
  14. hmm

    hmm Member

    Hi all looking for a multiroom sub for ALL channels to run on a Zgemma H2H and a zgemma h2s.

    Thanks in anticipation
  15. Foscamdl

    Foscamdl Member

    Looking for IPTV sub with EPG, Irish channels and timeshift for zgemma h2s
  16. lfi

    lfi Member

    Looking for a iptv test line for my zgemma h2h, i got wooshbuild ready and would like to test the performance before committing to 12 months
    All UK channels and Indians channels required.
    Needs to be freeze free and reliable.
  17. xtreme25

    xtreme25 Member

    Hello I'm looking for an IPTV Sub for my Enigma 2 (Edision OS Mega) box:

    • Full EPG
    • Not as a plugin
    • Record, although not essential
    • PPV
    • 3PM matches, USA Channels and all soccer channels
    • No freezing
    • On Demand
    • No VPN
  18. smkey

    smkey Member

    Looking for test line for mag 256 must be able to run freeze free so dont waste your time if it doe not.
    • Full EPG
    • Not as a plugin
    • PPV
    • 3PM matches, USA Channels and all soccer channels
    • No freezing
    • On Demand
    • No VPN
  19. Demeter

    Demeter Member

    Hi looking for playback/catchup
    Envy chanels
    All uk channels

    For mag box
  20. Camian97

    Camian97 Member

    My sub has recently finished. Im after another server to try. Any recommendations for a really good one to try?. A one that doesn' need a VPN for the football too. I' on a firestick using STB EMU PRO. thanks

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