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Best box for iptv

Discussion in 'Slingbox' started by kungpow5306, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. kungpow5306

    kungpow5306 Member

    Best box for iptv ladys and gents gogogog
  2. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    Depends on what setup your after,Just iptv then the new mag 256 is a beast
  3. kungpow5306

    kungpow5306 Member

    Well if like ever line tv made a comeback id lie to switch between box I also like the idea of it looking like a sly box if that makes sense also the best setup for Epg the more sly the better so if you have any other recommendations fire away no limit £
  4. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    Xtrend et8500 or a vu+ if you want that type of setup,I have my box with full 7 day iptv epg with a sky skin,My provider does a duel line which allows me to record
  5. kungpow5306

    kungpow5306 Member

    could you link me in a pm a vu+ box so many don't want to dive in with an unreliable supplier also the provider you are using mate cheers!!!
  6. technot1

    technot1 Member

    can you PM a link please Thanks
  7. stuss

    stuss Member

    ease of use bullet proof construction
    mag254.. 256 hss a faster processor but i used 256 and got constant freeze
    not a line issue..
    254 older but stable. no freeze
  8. rkabishi

    rkabishi Member

    can you pls pm me your provider and how you set it up on vu+ pls pls
  9. Groundmediauk

    Groundmediauk Member

    Magbox all the way easy to use easy updates enough epg to see you three and most of all no stress
  10. Jagfpm

    Jagfpm Member

    Hi there. Can you pm your provider and how you set the box up that way? Thanks.
  11. formandvoid

    formandvoid Member

    mag 254 all day long,forget vu+ or any other sat type box,been there done that,mag runs iptv way better and no problems,also handles vod better.
  12. Studio5

    Studio5 Member

    Vu solo2 here running Sat and IPTV, great box, even my wife can use it.
  13. webhead

    webhead Member

    i think the k111 pro is awesome , and its got everything in one box , sat cable android u name it.

    but if you have an android box you can use the mag emulater on kodi so it turns it into any mag box. so easy cheap option there.
  14. formandvoid

    formandvoid Member

    You can use the script method now if you were supplied a user name and password on any enigma 2 boxes and the menu is like the old sky.If you use zgemma boxes you can install ipab firmware and iptv can be
    installed directiy via the red button and you just enter your username and password and it sets all your channels into bouquets. Ipab does support some other boxes but you will have to check their website.I have also used
    XC plugin on my VU+DUO2 which work's ok and VOD seems to work well using this method.
  15. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Member

    i have a zgemma i55 handles perfect can be set up for epg and i think you can record on it to, also have the mag 254 thats due to be deliverd this week so not sure on that yet.
  16. formandvoid

    formandvoid Member

    Mag 254 run well.

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