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BIOS Supervisor Password Removal

Discussion in 'Laptop Support' started by psychophil, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. psychophil

    psychophil Member

    Bought a laptop cheap from a car boot.
    Lenovo L540
    It works but fails to boot because no O/S installed on it.
    This is when I realised there was an issue.
    When I entered the BIOS I noticed supervisor P/W had been set.
    This prevents the laptop from booting from internal optical drive or USB.

    Is it possible to remove this P/W by software or hardware.

    Any help will be appreciated
  2. vimto2000

    vimto2000 Member

    Not sure, but I've seen some password removal tools specifically from Dell.

    Are there any jumpers on the motherboard to reset the pwd?
  3. Jimp

    Jimp Member

    Old topic (I know) unplug power and battery, remove back panels and see if you can see the bios battery (circular flat battery CR232 or equivelant) remove battery for a minute, put battery back in, screw panels on, battery in, power supply in, then try again.
  4. Blackwidow

    Blackwidow TK Veteran

    Its the only method is you don't know the current password, adding a BIOS password is as much use as bolting a door from the outside to keep criminal out lol
  5. Jacksoft

    Jacksoft Member

    Hirens Boot cd helps with removing bios passwords on many laptops..but usually with Lenovos
    you will need to short out a point near the memory and switch on whilst shorting..all lappies
    are different though..so you need to google.removing batterys including the internal clock
    battery won`t work on a laptop.
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