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Bit of Pre Purchase Advice PLEASE

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by Tractorboy81, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Tractorboy81

    Tractorboy81 Registered

    Totally new to the forum and respect that lots of you are very busy, but would really appreciate a bit of advice before I start out on the whole set up journey.

    I currently have a Virgin media feed into my lounge, not satellite and not keen on getting one. My router in on the other side of the house coming from a second virgin socket.

    I want to set up a box in order to ditch my expensive TV package, but will probably keep the Tivo I have running just basic package so I can record without needing a satelite feed or new hard drive.

    What I really could do with some advice on is:

    1. Will the feed work coming straight from an external Virgin socket i.e. am I right thinking it does not need to come from the router?
    2. I have been looking at Zgemma H2H as an option. I know this is twin tuner, but it would give me the option in the unlikely event I did choose to put a dish up in the future. Will this box work solely with the Virgin line in?
    3. If I use a splitter do you think I can use the existing Tivo box and the Zgemma together as above?
    4. If I was keen on purchasing a gift in the future where and how is the best place to proceed?
    5. If the box has an image flashed and I then choose a new image can I just flash over the existing one? Also does any gift over write the image i.e. is the gift an image itself

    Apologies if these are obtuse questions, I am sort of at a stage of needing to find out what I do not know.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    1) yes, as long as it's live.
    2) yes, but you'll only have one working tuner so can only record what you're watching.
    3) yes you can though you may have signal strength issues, perhaps.
    4) post in the request thread in the stickies on this section.
    5) yes you can, and no the gift is not the same thing as an image. You put your gift onto your image for the channels to clear. Make sure you have your gift details stored somewhere not on the box for when you flash, if you do so.
  3. Jazzie_bee

    Jazzie_bee Registered

    Why not just get a twin cable tuner box? At least then you can record and watch at the same time.
  4. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Just another note on point 1 ... it does need to be connected to your router some how to get an internet feed aswell as the cable feed and an ethernet cable is most reliable for this ;)

    And another note for point 2 - your cable line will work for vm only and if you decide to put sly on it at a later date, you'll also need a sly line to run alongside the cable one.
  5. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    Yeah you'll need an internet connection, but it doesn't have to be the same cable connection that goes into your router that you have to split.
  6. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Miraclebox Premium Micro HD Linux Enigma 2 Hybrid 1x DVB-C/T/T2 Cable/Terrestrial HD 1080p PVR Digital

    Will knock spots off the Zgemma.


    Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Enigma 2 Linux HD PVR TRIPLE TUNER Combo 1x DVB-S/S2 + 2x DVB-C Receiver

    Gives you better recording options.

    Flashed with OpenVix.

    Sounds like the easiest way to get your internet feed to the box is by using a pair of homeplugs
  7. Tractorboy81

    Tractorboy81 Registered

    Thanks all. Sorry, but a few more questions:
    1: What's the 'stickies' referred to
    2: Looking at the zgemma sales I couldn't see a twin cable tuner. What sort of product would I be looking for?
    3: Am I right that with a twin cable I would use a splitter prior to putting cable to box and would also need a hard drive/USB to record
    4: I have a power line installed near the virgin line so internet sorted ?

    Cheers again
  8. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    1) the threads at the top of the cable section that never move, but under the sub forums.
    2) There isn't a Zgemma twin cable, take a look at the ones bees suggested. All set up in the same way, but you have to set them up with a guide rather than just flash a pre-made image.
    3) yes, and then split the cable again so you have one input for each tuner unless it splits internally, in which case it will say in the product description. You will need a storage device to record to yes.
    4) yes, that's the 'proper' name for a homeplug, people just refer to them as homeplugs.
  9. Tractorboy81

    Tractorboy81 Registered

    Got it. So if I go for the technomate, that Bees reccomends above, and get it flashed to openvix with a 500gb hard drive (for example) added at purchase how hard is it to set up the guide you refer to?

    And how do you chaps know so much? Its very appreciated this end.
  10. bees

    bees VIP Member

    There is a guide here

    It's a lot easier when you have a box in front of you.

    A sticky is a thread that stays at the top of a section

    Like this one.

    Read the advisory in post 1 before requesting ;)
  11. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    I know a lot (or, a lot in relative terms at least) because, basically, I've cocked up and pratted about with my box along with a few others, so have learned through said pissing about and pretty much having to ask how to fix my box. lol

    Bees' guide is probably the best I've seen for Vix. The terminology makes it sound a lot more complicated than it is but when you're sitting there going through the steps you'll realise how (relatively) easy it all is.
  12. Tractorboy81

    Tractorboy81 Registered

    Thanks both.
    I will buy the kit this week.
    I will start screaming and crying on Friday.
    I will be back in touch begging next weekend.

    Ta again
  13. Tractorboy81

    Tractorboy81 Registered

    Sorry chaps forgot to post to thank you both. Got set up pretty easy and all seems to work, didn't have to blame kids or partner so ta on their behalf too.
    Final question, I get a very thin line of intermittent distortion on some channels (say every 30 seconds) I can easily put up with that, but would I be right in suspecting it was the line I have and is this, really very minor issue to be expected.
    Thanks again