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blade 8000 setup

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by Sheridan82, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Hayley

    Hayley Registered

    Hi can you run IPTV from a blade 8000 box?
  2. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Registered

    not tried it myself but was thinking about this myself,there is an iptv option in the menus but I am not sure how you would get it on there.
    try get a free iptv pass of someone and have a play about.
    just had a look on the net and found this.

    For those who are getting frustrated trying to add IPTV channels to the Blade BM8000 Combo Box and cant work out how....

    1. The file format required is M3U, so go find a decent one and load it onto a USB Stick
    2. insert your USB stick into the front slot
    3. On your remote control press MENU, select EXTERNAL DEVICE then select FILE MANAGER
    4. Choose your M3U file then press OK, the file will then be imported. DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR BOX DURING THIS
    5. press EXIT, then navigate to ENTERTAINMENT , scroll down to IPTV et voila!

    WARNING: This procedure will OVERWRITE any IPTV Channels you already have.

    again tho i dont think many have tried it so dont go out buy a year sub untill you now for defo that it will work,try get a day pass for free or as little as possible and test the water.
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