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Blade bm8000 breaking my heart

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by Myrealnameis, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Myrealnameis

    Myrealnameis Registered

    Hi folks

    ive a blade bm8000 and sometimes it works sometimes it says no signal. Now looking at the display L is fine but Q is very low. It's driving me nuts, any ideas

    a bit of backroad,

    ive a 12 month newcam line on it

    I don't have the line on 0

    i be tried the line on an open box and it's fine.

    Anyone one please any ideas
  2. lac

    lac Registered

    Best say if Sat or Cable is being used, if FTA channels not working very likely ur feed, if cable being used wrong Net ID may be problem.
  3. sipzstyle

    sipzstyle Registered

    I had a similar issue. My L was 97%, but my Q fluctuated between 60-65% on the Sky Movie channels, depending on the weather conditions. Even the slightest hint of wind or rain would drop this to 60% and I would lose all signal.

    You see, where I live, there are plenty of long trees behind my house, plus my house is situated on a downward gradient, which means that the houses adjacent to mine from behind are higher up and therefore getting a decent satellite signal is extremely difficult.

    I must have fiddled with every setting possible on the box, to try and correct the issue myself, but nothing worked so in the end, I had to get a satellite guy out to re-position my dish!

    When he hooked up his little signal-monitor-box-thingy to my LNB he got a very weak signal and couldn't get it any higher from where the dish was located. He basically had to move my dish to the side of house which now gives me 100% signal according to his signal-monitor-box-thingy and my Q reading has jumped to around 85% for Sky channels and higher for freeview and others :)

    Maybe you've perhaps got a similar problem?
  4. Myrealnameis

    Myrealnameis Registered

    Yeah that's my next port of call, or new dish remounted thanks