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Blade Droid (BM3500)

Discussion in 'Blade Stream' started by bees, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. bees

    bees VIP Member

    HD Android (XBMC) TV Box

    Anyone used one of these (or something similar) ?

    Any thoughts ?

    Just bought one of these little bad boys for £80, so will
    be playing about with it over the next few days, some pointers
    would be a big help. :thumbsup:
  2. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Registered

    hi bees yeah I use something similar, its a quad cored android smart box with xbmc on board,must say I think its pretty good turns your telly into a really smart telly with thousands of apps available as well as all the different iplayers etc.its has wireless and Bluetooth connectivity but I find its a lot quicker and stable being etthernet hard wired, especially if your watching hd content movies, tv etc from xbmc.you also get all the live sport which sometimes depending on the links available range from hd to just watchable but other than the initial cost of the box is free.i payed bout £54 for mine off fleabay. I also bought a Bluetooth keyboard that is invaluable if your gonna use xbmc.you can end up typing out for things to search.
    you also can surf the net access your emails.all the social media is available etc.just the same as your smart fone...!!!

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    this is the type I bought
  3. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Hi lloffty5,

    Thanks for the reply, that sounds pretty similar to what I have.

    Mine came loaded with XBMC, and I am using a wired connection too.

    Only had a quick play about with it last night, found youtube, box sets of various tv series and movies.

    However only one app seems to work (icefilms)

    I have other icons such as 1channel(primewire), mashup, navi x and sports devil which don't seem to work.

    Also some you tube videos won't play so will I need to add some sort of media player ?

    I assume I can load in different apps even though at the mo I have no idea how to do it.

    Are their any recommended ones for my initial set up ?

    Also fusion or xfinity ???

    It looks like a nice little gadget so far but I think the setup needs tweaking.

    (seen the bluetooth keyboard (£15) may go for one of them when I know what i'm doing lol )

    I can call people and text on my phone, that's about it !!! lol
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
  4. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Registered

    hi bees
    there are a few popular add ons that are blocked by uk isp(vermin media, sly etc) which includes the one channel which is 1 of the biggest used.but quite a few should be no bother.ice films is very good as is tv4me,cconline .if you know how to use a vpn its worth having that running which will allow a lot more of the add ons to run.
    navi-x is due to be up n running again its been offline due to them supposedly building new servers for it, but I haven't tried for a little while now.that is very good for everything once its fired up.mash-up and sportsdevil should be ok. I use sportsdevil a lot for sat afternoon footy so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to access them.
    the Bluetooth keyboard is a must in my opinion just because off the typing aspect and cursor control..!!
    hope this helps a bit !!!
  5. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Yes thanks for the help, I have been looking for a fix for 1 channel tonight, which I guess isn't out there.
    (before I read this post lol)

    I will try and add your add ons if I haven't got them already, i'll also try to get mash up and sports devil running

    I am just pressing random buttons at the mo and hoping, haven't got a bloody clue !!! lollollol

    Can see what you mean about the keyboard, i'm working off a remote,may pick one up tomoz
  6. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Registered