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Blade Media 8000 Combo

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by sootylfc, May 1, 2015.

  1. sootylfc

    sootylfc Member

    Whats the best programme to edit Cable channels to put them in some order ?

    I use the blade online for the sly channels.

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  2. kid_warrior

    kid_warrior Member

    Try this mate......... Blade Media BM7000 and BM8000 Support
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  3. Jaygo1497

    Jaygo1497 Member

    Try NDF Edit. Its what I used. Also what Blade Media Suggests.
  4. lac

    lac Member

    Blade would like you to use DBMEdit but it's pants, using Clarke Teck Edit ( https://youtu.be/YoBMKlES6Oc) then changing the file to DBMEdit works fine for Sat but not Cable.
    Told there will be a new official software soon, hopefully a patch will follow soon after to fix the problem.
  5. upxpatriot

    upxpatriot Member

    any one got a nee channel list as all my movies have gone of but everything els is still on strange can any one help with this please
  6. kid_warrior

    kid_warrior Member

    Movie channels moved....



    or wait for the new blade update
  7. upxpatriot

    upxpatriot Member

    has anyone got a new channel list for blade boxes bm7000 and bm8000 combo i see thay are out fo f5 v8 open box but no blade or not on blade online can sombody help thanks :beg::beg:
  8. kid_warrior

    kid_warrior Member

    New update today from blade online
  9. lac

    lac Member

    Perhaps it's time for Blade Media to get rid their DBMEdit for channel lists (BM 8000) as it don't work with cable/tuner 2 and is not much better with Sat, then more including myself would post channel lists.
    From BM, the reason Cable/Tuner 2 channel lists don't work with DBMEdit is because changing a NDF from Clarke Tech Editor, BM claim Clarke Tech which has been used for years has a bug.
  10. philsandy69

    philsandy69 Member

    New update but Slyboxoff is now missing off bouquets. Managed to find it on 1073
  11. upxpatriot

    upxpatriot Member

    has anyone lost bt sports 1 and 2 in hd as mine have gone off :boo:
  12. GerrardLFC

    GerrardLFC Member

    hi guys, im after the new BM8000s blade box, with both sat and cable tuners, very confusing as the ones i been looking at says Sat and Terrestrial, so is that the correct one for sat and cable tuners? DVB-S2 satellite tuner & DVB-T2 terrestrial tuner combo

    Or if you someone could recommend me a supplier, ebay link etc...Cheers
  13. kid_warrior

    kid_warrior Member

    Yes mate they are
  14. lac

    lac Member

    Am I correct in saying you had a BM 7000/Combo, the BM 8000 has Sat/Cable/Terrestrial not as good as the BM 7000 combo IMO because the channels list is a problem (see post 9) believe there is a new official firmware to be released soon
  15. GerrardLFC

    GerrardLFC Member

    thanks for responses guys.
    I been using BM7000s for last 5+years.

    @lac - would u not recommend the new BM8000s combo due to channel list problem?
    I may get one from ebay but they say loading unofficial firmware will brick the box, is that fact or they just covering themselves on ebay?

  16. lac

    lac Member

    Have found no problems with the Sat side as regards to the channels list, it's the Tuner 2 side that pants because BM are now using DBMEdit for channel lists.
    The firmware is OK found this on another forum,

    We have fixed the download, it was caused because some ISP's do not allow the downloading of exe files directly. Therefore we have converted them to zip files and you should now be able to download fine. (This was the BM site links not working)

    We have asked our engineers and the problem you report for NDF required a database structure change in actual firmware of BM8000.

    We are in final testing phase of new firmware and will release soonest.

    Kind regards,

    Blade Media

    Hopefully after the official release a patch will soon follow
  17. alonzybaby

    alonzybaby Member

    hi guys ive just got a bm8000 and ive got the c-line file from my supplier but I just don't know what to do with it,any help
  18. upxpatriot

    upxpatriot Member

    Attached Files:

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  19. mcmuk

    mcmuk Member

    Hi guys, Just got a BM8000 and the standard firmware keeps freezing on initial setup. Going to give this one a try!
  20. timw149

    timw149 Member

    Hi everyone I am seriously thinking of buying a BM8000 and im new to all of this do i need a c-line or an n-line?