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Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by Garykim13, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Garykim13

    Garykim13 Member

    Anyone use a blade8000 ? Any good for getting all sky channels
  2. Running out

    Running out TK Veteran

    Will be fine had a 7000 for about 5 yrs never had a problem with it
  3. wolfsat

    wolfsat Member

    Did you get a blade8000..?

    as I am thinking of getting one
  4. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    i have a blade 8000 combo and i like it very much,a good tip is when you scan alter the scan to blind scan then alter the MHz frequency step from 8 to 1 then instead of the blade looking for a transponder frequency every 8 MHz it scans through every transponder when the frequency step is altered to 1,the scan will take longer but its worth it,if your scanning on tuner 2 for VM it takes a lot longer but again worth the wait,you will not be dissapointed with the HD/SD picture quality in my opinion the picture quality easily matches other pricier boxes i have seen over the years,you will not regret buying a blade 8000 combo
  5. wolfsat

    wolfsat Member

    Can you use the Blade 8000 Combo for IPTV....?
  6. Running out

    Running out TK Veteran

  7. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    there is iptv on the blade 8000 (BUT) you get what comes on, the blade cannot be adapted for your own use (if you get my drift) there are some movies on the blade on iptv not great ones but they are there,i've not been on that side of the blade 8000 for a while so dunno if the movies are still there, but on one of the menus not sure if its the epg if you look at the bottom of the screen you will see written "iptv" i think the F1 button is pressed on the remote to gain access to the iptv then its a case of trial and error the F1 button is at the bottom of the remote
  8. wolfsat

    wolfsat Member

    Thanks Rhinoranger, I'm going to give one a try.
  9. County

    County Member

    Hi Wolfsat
    I've been running the 8000 for over a year now, since they first came out, and have not had any problems once set up. Now looking for a new Nline server and Netfix to.
  10. Sheridan82

    Sheridan82 Member

    hi just bought the blade 8000 hope the set up goes well
  11. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    i have used the blade 7000 combo for years and also now have the 8000,in my opinion great value,if you have any problems give us a shout
  12. notts_alan

    notts_alan Member

    You can use iptv on the blade , you can also adapt to your personal taste , just make up a M3U playlist and download onto the box...
  13. WeeGrafter

    WeeGrafter Member

    Hi there - does it work with Virgin Media cable? I've got an old sky dish on the side of my house too and was wondering if it worked with both? Also where do you get a subscription from?

    Sorry am a newbie to all this!!!
  14. Running out

    Running out TK Veteran

    I would suggest you do a bit of reasearch in the forum , as all your answers are there .
  15. Macmac99

    Macmac99 Member

    I have had a bm8000 since November, when the clocks moved forward the other week the programme guide is now not synchronised with the time any ideas or do I have to redo the installation thanks in advance
  16. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    go into menu look for time settings and you will see GMT settings summer (on/off)
  17. dazkool

    dazkool Member

    OK, I've got one of these Blade 8000 boxes.

    I've input my line (for VM) and trying a Tuner 2 Powerscan. I've altered the Signal rate for my area and set the step to 1.0.. Is this correct??

  18. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    if all the channels scan its ok,if you notice any channels missing you will need to re-power scan on step 0.5,BUT if you do that ALL the channels and transponder frequencys and any programs you have put in favorites will delete,when i do a first power scan i scan on step 0.5,so i know then all the transponder frequencys are scanned into the the blade,and then if any channels go 'missing' through any transponder frequency change i can then just do an auto scan and it will not effect any channels that i have put in 'group button favorites',to put the new frequency channels in favorites go into menu -> favorites,put the favorites on the group button you desire for instance sport if its ssps1 that is missing press the A to Z button on remote 'i think its the yellow button' then look for the active ssps1 in the ' S ' column on the A to Z and then simply press ok on the active ssps1 and you will see that program be marked for the group favorites,to take the ssps1 that is not active press ok on that to take the mark off that and it will take it from favorites,exit and save,then go back into menu look for "move" in the menu,again put the group button on which favorite you desire for example sports then you can 'move' that program were you want in that group
  19. dazkool

    dazkool Member

    Hmm, ok.

    When I do a Powerscan, I get no channels listing at all. It goes through all the frequencies from 100.0 to 800-something.

    Signal rate is set to 6.952.

    I have 4 CLines entered and all showing as connected.

    Any more advice please?

    Thanks in advance
  20. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    ok,i presume you are letting the blade finish the power scan,it takes a long time on step 1 or 0.5,when all the frequencys are scanned in then the blade scans for channels,its the only thing i can think of cos you say the frequencys scan in ok so your cable signal must be ok,after the blade has scanned the frequencys be patient and wait for the channels to scan