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BM800 combo : auto time shift setup & 7 day EPG download

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by S908, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. S908

    S908 Member

    Hi Guys ,
    Can anyone help with info on how to set up the live pause and rewind on this box ?, It's running on software 1.05p. At the moment I can only use this feature after pausing ( ie I can't rewind Live ).
    I have also tried the 7 day EPG download technique with no success .Any pointers to assist will be much appreciated .
    Ps: it is my first box so be gentle :)

  2. sipzstyle

    sipzstyle Member

    I have set up live pause and rewind on my box and manually created a new channel for the 7-Day EPG because the user list I'm using doesn't have the EPG channel.

    When I get home, I can get the settings and firmware versions if you still need them?
  3. S908

    S908 Member

    yes please ! I still need them , I am not enjoying the box at all . There is very little info out there for newbies . I have finally got the EPG to work now today :). I still need help with the live pause /rewind feature . If you know how I can get the tuner 2 to work too ...please share ;)