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Box Going Daft After Update

Discussion in 'Zgemma H9S - 4K' started by zerojkm, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. zerojkm

    zerojkm Registered

    So, brand new h9ss. Flash first with openatv 6.2. Then Wooshbuild Infinity. Problem then comes in when you hit bule button and go to update. Box downloads a few updates then switches off and goes black on front of box. You need to pull power to get box to reload but when it does, no tv channels display, even takes out the terestrial. They still tyhere but it's like a failed update on the graphics side. Anyone know what I'm talking about and does anyone have a fix?
  2. funtime26

    funtime26 Registered

    Same here but on PurE2....looks like a reflash :(
  3. funtime26

    funtime26 Registered

    Yep reflashed with online version of up to date PurE2 and now all channels have a picture again!
  4. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    {Lazing Around
    Costa Blanca ...Spain
    Don't do updates on the H9S as every time they issue a load they manage to bugger it up.
    Box will run fine without the updates.
    Alternative is to do a nightly flash of openatv every so often and then reinstall wooshbuild.
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