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Dreambox, what can I do

Discussion in 'Dreambox DM5620' started by flk, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. flk

    flk Member


    I currently have a dreambox 7020 and DM500, I am curious what can I possibly do with them?

    I use to run gbox on DM7020 but havent used it in a while so i am guessing my sharing is probably dead
    The DM500 is brand new and I dont have an idea what its capable of.

    What images would you guys suggest and is anyone willing to share/exchange dlines.

  2. zak99

    zak99 Member

    if you have a dm500s then you can still make use of it. if its a 500c then stick it in your loft.
    for 500c if you check the forums you will get an idea of what can be done

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