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EPG Always Opening at First Channel Not Current Channel

Discussion in 'Zgemma H9S - 4K' started by Funkyretz, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Funkyretz

    Funkyretz Registered

    I'm running a zgemma h9s box , with iptv through xtream editor . Now my issue is when i click on my epg it always takes me back to beginning but if i click up on the remote it'll bring up the current channel im on. Its not my supplier because i have another sub on a h2s and the epg works fine and the start mode is selected to standard. I've tried changing skins , changed the start mode and when back to standard with no luck. Anyone with the same issue or any ideas what i can do to correct this? Thanks for the time reading this. im running the latest woosh build with the latest atv 6.2