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Exodus downloading

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by JohnKasino, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:24 PM.

  1. JohnKasino

    JohnKasino Member

    Can anyone offer some advise. When I download from Exodus the file seems to complete the download in about 2 seconds and doesn't open.
  2. trickpaul

    trickpaul Member

    Sounds like it's not downloaded properly, have to specified the download location?

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  3. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Member

    is exodus still working?your talking about the tvaddons app i assume.
    there is better out there if i am honst..
    Covenant is a new video app as is elysium which i perfer because it lets you add your fav tv shows/moves to a favourite folder called my elysium without the need to ad trkttv or super favourite find bucket loads of sorces to.
  4. trickpaul

    trickpaul Member

    Exodus is still working but is not really being mention properly, covenant is good yeah, elysium now requires you to make your own API

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  5. ianw314

    ianw314 Forum Supporter

    Believe Covenant is now the replacement for Exodus
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  6. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Member

    no idea what API is? i have not had to do anything with Elysium since i started using it.
  7. trickpaul

    trickpaul Member

    The API is the way it populates the movie/TV selection from the movie database website, I follow the addon maker on Twitter and he has listed what to do, but if yours is OK, then that's good but if you start to see no info in movie/TV sections then the API might be the issue

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  8. Yoda99

    Yoda99 Member

    Is this Elysium a lot better for sources than Exodus then? Is it a direct comparison type of addon to Exodus?

  9. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Member

    give it a try mate and see what you think of it,it does find more sources its not as quick as at finding them tho but it brings up a lot more providers.
    i think its on the noobsandgeeks repo.
  10. Yoda99

    Yoda99 Member

    ok thanks bud i will give this a go :)
  11. blainemufc

    blainemufc Member

    exodus is on its way out last update was the last..

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