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Firestick Kodi/IPTV Setup Help

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by WAKI, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. WAKI

    WAKI Member

    Was clearing out some stuff earlier today and found my fire tv stick under the TV cabinet. Just wondering whats the best option for the firetv stick Kodi or IPTV and if so how can i set this up.

    Any advice/help would be appreciated.
  2. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    download smart iptv player, easiest way is free from amazon, they deliver it to your firestick, then put a sub on the smart iptv app
  3. linesman66

    linesman66 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

  4. mbull

    mbull Member

    STB EMU on the Firestick all the way..

  5. WAKI

    WAKI Member

    Thanks guys will have a look at the information, guides and videos :)
  6. ipsled

    ipsled Member

    +1 for stbemu
  7. Mikiejboy69

    Mikiejboy69 Member

    Trying to get ntv running through stbmu on my firestick but getting no playback? Any ideas?
  8. hillbilly1

    hillbilly1 Member

    I tried stb emu a while back and couldn't work out how to load a m3u. Is this just for macs?
  9. Zakutd

    Zakutd Member

    Once you've followed the video mbull posted above and download stb emu app. Go on settings on the app and then on stb configuration,write yor MAC address down and send it to your provider. Then when test/line is active (confirmed by your provider). Exit settings and you will get a blue screen.
    Click anywhere in the middle of the blue screen and look for a little menu in the top left corner, it will probably be under the advert banner so look closely.
    Once you get this menu up simply click Reload Portal
    You should then get a loading bar in the middle of the screen. If you don't get this loading bar then just restart the app.
  10. plasterer

    plasterer Member

    Just download perfect player onto your firestick
    And add your provider
    Does wot it says perfect ...............Paul
  11. Mikiejboy69

    Mikiejboy69 Member

    I get the loading bar etc and all channels load in but no video? MAC address is paired with provider and all that but still nothing? Radio works though lol
  12. mbull

    mbull Member

    Change the video media player, you should have the option to choose one that suits. Then reload portal.

    Sent from my F5121 using Tapatalk
  13. Mikiejboy69

    Mikiejboy69 Member

    Tried that and just got,cannot play file
  14. hillbilly1

    hillbilly1 Member

    Can anyone confirm that you can't load a m3u directly in to the stb emu app?

    Secondly perfect player seems a bit poor to set up has loads of options I did load a m3u on to it then you get stuck without epg if your server does not give you it I could not find a decent tut explaining proper set up and If I remember right it was wanting me to log in to play store!
    The smart iptv app is good put the m3u list in and most epg all ready working mp4 movies however don't play.

    And u can't get it on old android boxes.
  15. techi60

    techi60 Member

    I too use Firetv's and smart iptv app is by far the best and most stable.

    There is an activation fee per device after 7 days trial for app. €5.50 or $6 cheap enough.

    Perfect IPTV app is not as stable or as good in general full version is under €3.

    Hope this helps.

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