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Guide to setting up Vu+

Discussion in 'Vu+ SOLO Support' started by bobby123, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. bobby123


    Not many guides on the VU+ out there, and this is the best i have seen. If i get a VU+solo, (if it's ever released) this is where i am starting.

    Dummies guide to setting up Vu+

    These instructions are for Dream Elite Image, other images Green & Yellow buttons might be configured slightly different.

    1. Install image.
    Download a USB image file, eg Dream Elite from
    Vu+ Duo Dream Elite Image Support

    Unzip the vuplus folder to the root directory of a USB Pen Drive.
    Power off Vu+ with switch on the back
    Insert USB Pen Drive into the USB socket on Vu+
    Power on Vu+
    Image will auto install from the USB Stick.
    Look at the display on the receiver, it'll display when the update has finished.
    Remove the USB Stick
    Power off receiver.
    Power on Receiver.

    Image is now installed.

    2. Network
    Connect an Ethernet LAN cable from your router to your Vu+ Ethernet port.
    Press Menu
    Select Set Up
    Select System
    Select Network
    Select Network w i z a r d and press OK.

    3. Setup Motorised Dish using USALS
    First get your longitude & latitude info from multimap.com
    Enter your post code into multimap.com and you'll get the correct LON & LAT info for your location.
    Example if I enter the following UK postal code: SE1 6JZ
    I get the following LON & LAT:
    LON: 0.104 WEST
    LAT: 51.497 NORTH

    Press Menu
    Select Setup
    Select Service searching
    Select Tuner configuration
    Select Tuner A and press OK

    Configuration Mode: Simple
    Mode: Positioner
    Longitude: input the info from multimap
    Latitude: input the info from multimap

    Press OK to save.

    Press Menu
    Select Setup
    Select service searching
    Select Positioner Setup
    Select goto 0 Press RED Button

    Dish should now go to 1w.

    4. Download Channel List
    Press Green Button
    Press Yellow Button (Addons)
    Select Addon Download Manager
    Select Enigma2 Settings
    Select Likra E2 Setting Motor and press OK.

    5. Install cam
    Press Green Button
    Press Yellow Button (Addons)
    Select Addons Download Manager Press OK
    Select Image Cams Press OK
    Select the cam you want to install and press OK

    6. Activate cam
    Press Blue button.
    Use Left & Right Keys to select an installed cam and press OK.

    This is enough to get you started, the fun starts learning the rest.

    Dummies guide to setting up Vu+ by Lee Goldwafers​
  2. soulrespect

    soulrespect Registered

    I am going to purchase the Vu+ solo2 box as soon as i have the funds. I would willingly donate my left testicle for one of these boxes but to date, have had no offers.
    If anyone out there has any more knowledge of this box including loading an Nline please let me know.
    Where can i download the files for flashing etc.

    Many Thanks in advance guys......Heres to a great forum
  3. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Think that's step 5

    How much for the testicle ? Have you tried Ebay lol
  4. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    you need 2 subscribe for 2 removals,buy 1 get 1 free ya nutROFL then sing im free:whistling:
  5. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    In which sub category do you want this moving to?.
  6. ozy01

    ozy01 Registered

    can someone point me to the sky skin for the vu+ solo? thanks
  7. mobilizedmed

    mobilizedmed Registered

    Just joined techkings. I know a bit about technology but when i am stuck i surf these forums and you always help. thank you for that.
  8. LankyLad

    LankyLad Registered

    Just joined here and I'm completely out of my depth searching is making me slightly wiser
  9. willy1bob

    willy1bob Registered

    perfect thank you
  10. twh

    twh Registered

    entering line info manualy

    I have never used one of the VU boxes, I have a Technomate 5402 M2 and it works ok. But I want to know more about the VU boxes. A mate of mine has a VU+ box and I want to enter the details of a line I have for him to try, I have not got a clue how to do this and I don't want him to loose the line he has now just disconnect it while he tries out the new line. Can anyone help?

  11. shawy70

    shawy70 Registered

    thanx helped a noob.........
  12. fingers8

    fingers8 Registered

    Hi all, my mate bought a vu solo 2 and i cant get the channels live only the FTA. I have a openbox v8s and its nothing like mine. As far as i can see the line is on but only fta channels. Is there anyone in the plymouth area who could come around and help cos i give up with it. AAARRRGGGHHHH
  13. morganator

    morganator Registered

    cheers for this post ive just found an old vu solo in my cupboard (think someone gave me years ago but i never tried it) ive got it kind of up and running with a blackhole image but i have hundreds of channels listed after scanning including multiples of the same channels (15 itv channels for instance) how do i set it up to only show sky/freesat channel list?
  14. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    I'm pretty sure you can use dreambox edit with the vu boxes, if you connect via dreambox edit and download rats bouquets, you can then send the channel list to the box leaving you with just the normal sky FTA and premium channels.
  15. morganator

    morganator Registered

    Thanks for the quick reply, will try that now
  16. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    with dreambox edit, just remember and click on sat box, enigma 2 box, then browse files, ok on the extracted rats bouquet, send to dreambox, and ok on the two boxes to the right.
    It been a while since I've used it on my dreambox but it will sort your channel into favs