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Help me pick please (Android box list)

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by smcmullan88, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. smcmullan88

    smcmullan88 Member

    Hi folks,

    Been doing a bit of research on android boxes for IPTV. It seems like this is the best route to go down rather than buying a mag box due to being more configurable and modern, is this correct? I have managed to narrow it down to these 3 but could use some help deciding.

    1. Amazon fire tv box - It's only around 70-80 quid and looks to have a decent spec. Not sure how it holds up software side of things is it restrictive?

    2. Droidbox iMXQPro V2 - look's decent but no experience with droidbox

    3. Q-Box 4K - again never heard of these guys?

    Thanks in advance
  2. mbath

    mbath Forum Supporter

    Amazon fire tv might be restrictive but it is the most stable option
  3. mbath

    mbath Forum Supporter

    You would need to check with your IPTV if they support this
  4. danlou

    danlou Member

    For simplicity and ease of navigation and use i would say , personally, that the mag boxes are better than traditional android boxes and fire sticks.

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  5. smcmullan88

    smcmullan88 Member

    I checked and they do - they support mag aswell though. Danlou what models are decent for the mags? I thought both would be pretty stable if it was a proper subscription you were viewing and not just the free sources
  6. smcmullan88

    smcmullan88 Member

    hey mbath restrictive in what way ? apps not able to be installed?
  7. mbath

    mbath Forum Supporter

    You can't install apps from google play in the normal fashion you have to sideload them
  8. mbath

    mbath Forum Supporter

    You can't install apps from google play in the normal fashion you have to sideload them
  9. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Personally I would stay away from Amazon's hardware. They're in balls deep in the entertainment industry and I fear they'll eventually lock up their devices to stop 3rd party apps, just like Sly have done on the NOW TV boxes.
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  10. mickyrad

    mickyrad Member

    ive heard that this is the best ebox t8 octa core flying machine, google it
  11. scolly

    scolly Member

    android all the way I have been using EX - S905X boxes and I can run an emulator on it that runs it like a mag box . The mag box is great for tv but if you want more out of it I recommend android boxes 2gig ram quad cores

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