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How to get KODI onto iPad/iphone without jail-braking, on windows

Discussion in 'Apple iPhone' started by sainttwentys, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. sainttwentys

    sainttwentys Member

    You will need a peice of software called Cydia impactor which can be used on a windows pc.

    Search for Cydia impactor and it should come up as a dot com domain with options near top to download for windows.

    you will need to extract it and also download Kodi.

    When you open impactor file after extracting there will be a file with symbol called impactor, this will open a small bar on your screan. now plug in your ipad and it will show on this bar.

    Next drag and pull the Kodi file into this bar and drop it in, this will then open a dialog box for your apple id, after putting your apple id in it will then ask for your apple password.

    There will be another window open when this starts just click yes.

    After install tou will need to go to settings on ipad then general and look for your apple id and select this then select your id to authorise use of this app before using. All that is left now is to install paradox.

    You can also use this for Iphone but you will need to sign into apple and authorise your pc with code sent to your phone, goto settings then security and generate a code this will be used instead on putting your password for apple id in on the impactor.

    Hope this helps if your like me and do not like jail braking your phone or ipad, this will work, as I have done it to all my devices and still manage to update them without any issues.
  2. Stevie84

    Stevie84 Member

    works great thanks
  3. tcoaster

    tcoaster Member

    There's is absolutely no way I would put my apple ID AND password into third party software. There is no assurances that the creators of this software are legit in their endeavours.
  4. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    I used this and had no issues regarding security.
    Got fed up of having to plug iPad into pc to renew the license though.
    Ended up paying $10 ish and bought a pass for build store iOS.
    Had no issues since.
    Not sure if I am allowed to share the link but it's simple enough to type into a search engine.
  5. Noste500

    Noste500 Member

    What pass did you buy ??
  6. Gnr75

    Gnr75 Member

    The ¢9.99 a year one.
    Then i installed Kofi, moviebox and a couple of the TV streaming apps,
  7. gigsta

    gigsta Member

    Ebay £7 but you have to send them the udid device number 1 yr licence worked for me on my ipad 2 thx

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