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How to install hellospy on my cell phone? - is this hardware issue ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Forum' started by vietthuong, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I just found this app for my mobile. Its FREEWARE, spy anybody everywhere in the world.

    HelloSPY offers monitoring software HelloSPY, the first software to locate and spy-call (Auto answer) a cell phone for free.

    You can also view the full text messages, calls and websites visited on the phone but also locate the phone on a moving Google Map.

    From the moment the phone Along with HelloSPY has Internet access, it can transmit the recorded data so you can view them from your account HelloSPY.

    HelloSPY utility:

    - GPS Location

    - Auto answer

    - History Calls

    - History SMS/iMessages

    - History Whatsapp and Viber messages.

    - History URL

    - Trace Mode

    - 100% undetectable

    - Control via SMS remote command

    - Download data reports

    Compatible iPhone, iPad, Android phone.

    Does it work Along with Android 2.2 phone? My phone is Motorola MILESTONE 2.
  1. axxxo

    axxxo VIP Member

    User banned for spam but leaving the thread here for people to beware of apps like this. Anything not appearing on the playstore or apple store alike should be wary, there are apps out their that don't appear on the stores that are legit but always do your homework!

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