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Ipad Tips and Tricks

Discussion in 'Apple Tablet PC' started by NuTTeR, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Think you know your Apple tablet inside and out?

    Oh, sure, you're well aware of double-tapping the Home screen to see all open apps, enabling iCloud to wirelessly sync content between devices and how to group apps into folders -- but there is a lot more to your beloved 9.7-inch iPad (from $499).

    And so the following is a handful of lesser-known tips and tricks to getting the most out of your iPad.

    If you have a few suggestions to share of your own, be sure to submit them in the Comments section below — so you get the credit for them.


    If you like to type while holding the iPad, simply press on the virtual keyboard with both thumbs and drag to each side of the tablet. You'll then see the keyboard split into two, grouping the left and right portions of the keyboard together near the corner of the screen. Now, whether you hold the iPad vertically or horizontally, this makes it easier to type using your thumbs while holding the tablet at the same time — instead of trying to stretch your thumbs to reach letters in the middle, like G and H.


    Speak to me

    The new iPad doesn't have Siri — the powerful voice-activated "personal assistant" feature built into the iPhone 4S — but it does offer built-in voice dictation. Once you enable it in the Settings menu, you'll see a small microphone icon on the lower left of your keyboard (to the left of the spacebar). Tap it when typing an email, iMessage, note or searching the web and start talking. You'll find it's surprisingly accurate — even in somewhat noisy environments — and even works in third-party apps like Facebook or Twitter. But be aware you need an Internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) for this feature to work. iPad 1 and 2 users should download the free Dragon Dictation app from Nuance.



    If you see something you like on your iPad screen — a high-score in a video game, funny emoticon during a chat session or cool website — simply press and hold the Home button and quickly tap the Power button on top of the iPad. This will take a screen grab of whatever you're looking at on the iPad; you'll see a brief white flash and hear a camera click noise to confirm the shot has been taken and will be saved to your Camera Roll. Alternatively, if there's an image you like while browsing the web, press and hold on the image and choose "Save."


    Roam if you want to

    If you're using a 3G or 4G/LTE iPad, you can turn data roaming on in the Settings menu, allowing you to access the Internet in another country. But be aware fees will apply, and they can be pretty hefty, so be sure to check with your provider (e.g. AT&T) about roaming costs per megabyte. You can check your data usage by going to Settings>General>Usage. Also, keep in mind, you can swap out your local SIM card with one from a carrier in the country you're going to, in order to avoid roaming fees — or disable cellular connectivity at all and only use free Wi-Fi, if cash is tight.


    Switch the Mute Button to Orientation Lock

    Tap on Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: Lock Orientation. The side switch defaults to mute, but with volume buttons right underneath it this makes no sense, and there’s nothing more annoying than an iPad screen that’s constantly rotating if you’re reading in bed.


    Double-Tap Home Button to Access Brightness

    The iPad screen is extraordinarily bright, this is wonderful for daytime use but give your eyes some rest in dimmer environments and at night time by manually adjusting the brightness, just double-tap the Home button and swipe right until you see the brightness indicator, and adjust manually as the lighting fits.


    Add 6 Items to the Dock

    By default the dock contains four items, but it can hold up to six on the iPad. Just tap an hold on an icon until it jiggles, then drag a couple more apps, folders, or website that you use frequently into the dock.


    Bookmark Favorite Websites to Home Screen

    While in Safari, load up your favorite websites (like this one) and tap on the box with an arrow in it, alongside the URL Bar. Select “Add to Home Screen” and give each site a short name so it doesn’t abbreviate itself. Better yet, make a whole folder full of your favorite websites bookmarks.

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    What is better ipad pro or ipad 4

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