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Iptv openbox no name channel problem

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by waynee, May 22, 2017.

  1. Calasona

    Calasona Member

    hi waynee, can you send me link plz. regs
  2. bold

    bold Member

    waynee can you please send me the link
  3. Calasona

    Calasona Member

  4. welshtomo

    welshtomo Member

    This issue is when the supplier download the m3u file if it's downloaded with option then it won't have no name on channels if it's downloaded without options then it will have the names on the channels
  5. waynee

    waynee Member

    Unfortunately some people are only given a m3u file. I was given the link with pick your own options and it still did not allow the pic icons to be removed. And this is what the problem is "pic icons"
  6. Andrew Ross

    Andrew Ross Member

    can anybody supply me with usb stick with the correct m3u file already on it as my macbook is playing up and i am not very good with things like this
  7. si111

    si111 Member Forum Supporter

    problem with iptv on openbox,it has to be less than 2000 channels or faults, I have to use xtream editor to trim someones m3u to under 2k channels then sync it then convert in iptv convertor to web,tv file for them,
  8. waynee

    waynee Member

    Yes it is an issue, however it's not that causes the fault it's the pic icon url that causes the fault.
  9. antony850

    antony850 Member

    So is it not something i can do to mine if you send me a link or instructions? Thanks
  10. roberts75

    roberts75 Member

    hi guys ive just got my channels on but i have the no name issue ive tried uesing xtream editor but havent got a clue what im doing help.
  11. martxxxxxxx

    martxxxxxxx Member

    The LINK is in post 20 and post 83, the important thing is create a folder, and in there put the .exe and the M3u file you need to convert. When the swan convertor is open, where it says enter filename, enter the filename (without the extension) of the M3u you copied into the folder ........ click load m3u file.......... the contents of the m3u file will appear on left panel, then click start and the conversion takes place, and the software will save the file to the folder. In my case webtv.m3u worked for openbox, and i now have names whereas before they were all No Name
    waynee likes this.
  12. James Mullins

    James Mullins Member

    Hi have a valid m3u subscription, can you explain how to load my m3u into the convertor.
  13. James Mullins

    James Mullins Member

    Hi i got it sorted thanks all channels are listed now, just one other question is their anyway of putting the channels into a specific order.
  14. waynee

    waynee Member

    Sorry for delay. If you are using a xtream link you can drag them into the order you wish.

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  15. Basszuba

    Basszuba Member

    Hi Good information about the above. I managed the above, however the names still show the old sly names such as Sly sports 1 and 2 and so on instead of Event, cricket and so on. Is there any update to the channel list with the new names?

    Also i noticed some channels do not work with this update such as Sly SPorts 1 and 2 3 HD but the non-HD channels work for 1,2 and 3. (Other HD channels do work so not a HD issue) - Dont think its my provider either as it works without this new file i created. Any issues or know how to resolve this?
  16. bold

    bold Member

    hi wayne, can you please supply me,
  17. badbadmick

    badbadmick Member

    Hi, could you please supply me
  18. welshtomo

    welshtomo Member

    Yes mate if still needed

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