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Nagra 3 Explained in Layman's terms

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by siggy, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. johhny

    johhny Member

    that was well explained thanks
  2. username

    username Member

    thanks for that explaination it was actuly quite brilliant and explains the problems ive been havin recently :)
  3. tvstill

    tvstill Member

    thanks, well detailed info. hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. good luck and sit tight everyone. its a shame some of us we are going to miss the start of the football season.
  4. mideyah

    mideyah Member

    top man siggy cheers mate!
  5. kiddo1

    kiddo1 Member

    Great and through breakdown, I wanst aware of the depth that this was an issue.

  6. derk

    derk Member


    now i know a bit more
  7. oggies30

    oggies30 Member

    :thankyou: for that learning all the time from this information
  8. jay1976

    jay1976 Member

    Thanks for the info, i will do my research in future.
  9. midas5

    midas5 Member

    well done Siggy but i don't fink ur that much of a newbie :)
  10. bernieboy

    bernieboy Member

    siggy you is not new to this you old hat. thanx
  11. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    explained well

    nagra 3 is a toughie to hack
  12. baldhead

    baldhead Member

    nagra 3

    [Well done Siggy,
    I found your explanation to be the best yet. I too bought a Starview6 Lan last week after all the channels disappeared on my Eurovox Max box. And like you wasted money. I tried to get an explanation from the suppliers Skywonder but wasted my time there too. They just palmed me off to other Forums like Closet etc but were extremely reluctant to divulge any information on whether this new unit would give me any more channels than my £19 Goodmans digibox.
    As it stands just now I get more channels on the cheapo box.
    Hopefully as you expressed we can get a solution to Nagra3. Fingers crossed.
    In the meantime thanks again for your fine explanation. Well done.
  13. damand

    damand Member

    well said mate, i am one of those people, who you talk about who just sits back, and lets the geniuses do there work,
    you have explained this brilliantly, and should be a moderator. well done mate.
  14. robbo32

    robbo32 Member

    Best thread on this topic i've seen on here,nice work Siggy
  15. ryukyumaster

    ryukyumaster Member

    ahhh now i understand.thanks for taking the time to explain it so clearly.fingers crossed it gets sorted quickly.
  16. KEATO156

    KEATO156 Member

    Thanks siggy. i am new to the forum and can i say that has made everything alot easier to take in . Well done
  17. earl scruggs

    earl scruggs Member

    Hi there Siggy,

    Just to say that really helpful info, and thanks for helping us understand whats going on
    Cheers mate
  18. jeebus 888

    jeebus 888 Member

    Nice 1 siggy thats sorted my head right out . hmmmm apples.
  19. rjnorse

    rjnorse Member

    Great stuff. Well done mate.
  20. danny7

    danny7 Member

    nice balance:drink: