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Newbie help/advice

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by MadMatt, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. MadMatt

    MadMatt Member

    Hi all
    sorry as I'm sure this has been asked before ,but don't wanna brick my box..
    I bought a second hand h2h and is already loaded with openvix image,,i was thinking of changing to the biohead image on here looks a lot more user friendly for the mrs etc..
    How do I go about this? just load the new image on or reset the box and start from scratch?
    any advice input greatly appreciated.
  2. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Copy the image you want to a blank USB (make sure it's formatted FAT32). Turn the box off (white button), plug in the USB (rear USB port) turn the box on and the screen should read "FLSH" once flashed follow the instructions in Biohead's image
  3. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Save your line details before flashing if you haven't already got a copy

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  4. MadMatt

    MadMatt Member

    oh dear,, i wish I waited until I read your post dsayers2014 ,
    so I bit the bullet went for it tried the biohead image no channels apart from fta
    so feeling brave decided to try the ipab image same as no channels apart from fta
    I'm guessing this is a line issue,,i have my line details and have tried entering them using FileZilla but still no joy??
    any ideas ???
  5. H4MZ4

    H4MZ4 Member

    Cable or Sat?
  6. MadMatt

    MadMatt Member

  7. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    My sincere apologies, for my failure to mention backing up the line, try contacting your supplier.
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  8. MadMatt

    MadMatt Member

    no problem mbath,,my fault for being to hasty!!!
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  9. DanCam82

    DanCam82 Member

    Hello. My EPG channel names say n/a for all HD channels, but standard channels have their correct names on the list. All channels, including HD are working fantastic but does anyone know how to get my EPG channel names sorted?! My set up is H2H cable only Virg skin on iPab 1.3. Thanks.