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PC Randomly sleeping and rebooting

Discussion in 'Components' started by BadWolf30, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. BadWolf30

    BadWolf30 Member

    Hi All

    If you would be so kind i require some advice. I am having a problem with my desktop at the minute and it's driving me to the crazy.

    It does one of two things. Either randomly reboots or randomly 'sleeps'. At least I think it's sleeping as the monitor loses signal but the tower remains on (LED's still on, fans still running etc) but it will not wake up again. I have to turn it off and back on again to get it to work.

    I have tried updating the BIOS, updating GPU drivers, changing the power and sleep settings and changing the devices that can wake the PC but nothing has worked. I am leaning towards replacing the PSU thinking this may be the culprit but thought I would seek advice first in case there is something obvious I have missed.

    Any help/advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. This persistent problem is really persisting me off.

    OS - Windows 10
    CPU - Intel Core i5 6600 Quad Core 3.3 GHz
    MSI H110M PRO-VH Motherboard
    (C:) - Kingston 240 GB SSD
    Additional Storage - Western Digital 1TB HDD
    GPU - MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM - 16GB DDR4 2133MHz
    24x DVD/CD-RW Dual Layer Optical Drive
    PSU - 800w (Can't remember the brand without looking)
  2. Andy Mcd

    Andy Mcd Member

    Hi Mate

    Sounds like your power supply is on its way out.

    If you have another psu lying around use that to test with as its a 24pin psu so pretty much any other one can be used to test with.

    And if still the same try another hard drive to see if it cuts out.
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  3. BadWolf30

    BadWolf30 Member

    Yeah i was thinking as much. I don't have any other psu's unfortunately so will have to buy a replacement and hope that fixes the problem.

    Thanks a lot for your reply.
  4. Andy Mcd

    Andy Mcd Member

    If you dont have a spare psu lying around then try another hard drive first that way it saves you a purchase of a psu.

    if it isnt the psu it will be the ssd being corrupt.

    And nice set up :)

    was it a custom build
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  5. BadWolf30

    BadWolf30 Member

    Thanks yeah i wanted to build something half decent because i've spent the same amount on ready made pc's before and you just don't get your monies worth these days.

    It had crossed my mind about migrating the OS to the hdd in case the ssd had issues but wasn't sure if a corrupt ssd could cause those problems. I might give that a try.

    Thanks a lot for your help and advice mate i really appreciate it.
  6. laserguy100

    laserguy100 Member

    I very much doubt its your psu..Download a prog called real temp to check out your cpu.s temp and graphics chip too.
    If your pc is getting too hot it may well be the heat sink compound on both cpu.s need fresh compound. Its not a difficult procedure.
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  7. BadWolf30

    BadWolf30 Member

    I have migrated the OS to a spare HDD and so far so good no random reboots or 'sleeps'. Laserguy i never thought about overheating and applying fresh compound as the reboots happen pretty much straight away sometimes. Thanks anyway though its something to bare in mind for future reference.

    Thanks both for your advice. Looks like i need to get myself a new SSD then. The HDD will do for now but its like swapping your lamborghini for a fiesta.
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  8. laserguy100

    laserguy100 Member

    Its good you have it operating as it should.My i7 gaming laptop used to reboot for no reason. Found it was hitting 100°c then auto restart. New compouund fixed it.
    Happy days you got it working.
  9. Sam14

    Sam14 Member

    Have you got a meter to read the ohms and wattage?
  10. laserguy100

    laserguy100 Member

    yes i use my multimeter all the time. But don.t need it for this job.

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