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Picture judder

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by Adz786, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Adz786

    Adz786 Registered

    Hi guys i have the miraclebox and running mgcamd..its been perfect for a few weeks but past two days on some hd channels the screen judders..especially sky sports 1 2 and 3 some movies aswell but all sd work fine...my connections are all secure and internet fine..

    Any help guys..
  2. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    You're never going to get absolute perfection 100% of the time. Glitches like this are common on all boxes and with all servers. Work around it - if it glitches in HD, switch to SD.

    I've heard a lot of people saying the same thing in the past few weeks so you are definately not alone!
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  3. Adz786

    Adz786 Registered

    cool mate il leave it the way it is