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picture quality between vga and dvi

Discussion in 'Components' started by cactikid, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    Ok i had to swap a desktop to use on my aoc monitor and notice picture is crap shiver and distorted icons on screen,another tv used vga and same results.hdmi if available perfect picture.
    so pc only has vga and tv has hdmi and vga=bad picture.
    i cannot remember with old pc i had there if another port was there as i did see new card had vga and dvi and was perfect picture quality.
    can an inbuilt video card differ from another inserted on motherboard with better quality as i had that on my older now non working pc?
  2. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    update on my tv i went into settings-pc-think it said autosynch and picture automatically refocused:D

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