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Rate my Video Editing machine please

Discussion in 'Rate My Computer System' started by Kry10, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Kry10

    Kry10 Member

    Well, never knew this was on here, I am slowly falling in love with this place (shush, don't tell the missus).

    So, would you kind people be interested in rating this beasty I am using ?

    Intel i7 5820k CPU @ 3.30Ghz
    GTX 970 Gfx Card
    32 Gb Mem
    2 x 2Tb HDD's
    1 x 500 Gb SSD
    Hydro H100i GTX watercooling
    HAF X Case
    two 24 inch monitors and one 29 inch ultrawide.
    Logitech G510 Keyboard and Logitech G300s Mouse.

    I think that's it, oh, and it has Windows 10 on it.
  2. mrtweaks

    mrtweaks Member

    only the one grx card lol

    To be honest I would be happy with that setup. Win 10 did it have all the drivers?
  3. Kry10

    Kry10 Member

    I only need one GFX Card to be honest, I couldn't afford a 2nd for sli/crossfire, plus, I use my PC for VR, so, I believe having a 2nd GFX card can be problematic.

    Win 10 worked fine, although I did grab the gfx card drivers and mobo drivers from the respective websites.
  4. mrtweaks

    mrtweaks Member

    Enjoy it now ;)
  5. Vanders

    Vanders Member

    Good rig mate. Should be good for another few years. I got that cooler and managed a 4.5mhz overclock with my i5 4690k.
  6. Davegoody

    Davegoody Member

    Looks decent enough, what Editing software you looking at using ? I am a mac man....

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