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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member


    Rules for this thread.

    • Post what you require, a uk line or one for southern Ireland.
    • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
    • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
    • Do not tell members not to discuss anything in here, that's the Moderator's Job.
    • Please report any post that breaks any of these rules.
    • Members that break these rules will be removed from seeing/posting in this thread for any amount of time (maybe permanently) at the Moderators Discretion.


    We don't recommend you take advice from Zero posters or members who haven't been on the forum for long with no reputation.
    I would "listen" to mainly - VIP members or TK veterans when being recommended by members here.
    We do not back/endorse anyone here so you use information given, at your own risk/expense.​
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  2. Damo666

    Damo666 Member Forum Supporter

    Still looking for a good VM IRE exUPC provider please.
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  3. mega1968

    mega1968 Member

    Can I please have a UK line ....I would like a N LINE please thank you
  4. stephensherm

    stephensherm Member

    Uk-Vermin....Cheers guys stoke on trent
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  5. pieman69pies

    pieman69pies Member


    Info on a UK line please, and a test line would be appreciated. It is for a ZGemma H2H, and I believe it can either be an N: or a C:
    Should be setting the box up over the next couple of days.

    Many thanks.
  6. Pavle

    Pavle Member

    Hi, I'm looking for an UK N-line that I hope to be setting up sometime over the next few days.

  7. dizzler

    dizzler Member

    Looking for a VM line for South County Dublin. Using Amiko Alien 2 box with Enigma and running Hyperion 4.5 currently. Not sure if I need a c or n line though.

    - - - Updated - - -

    any luck ?
  8. rascal88

    rascal88 Member

    Uk n line virgin for krpytview
  9. BeardedKing

    BeardedKing Member


    VM N-Line
    Dublin, Ireland

    Pricelist needed
  10. Dips_007

    Dips_007 Member

    UK Line
    N Line (I think)
    Kryptview A850
    Test line required

  11. nasyle

    nasyle Member

    looking for vm line wolverhampton area
  12. seco

    seco Member

    I'm after a UK line for VM please. Test line would be appreciated. N line for Vu+ solo se v2
  13. stevo77

    stevo77 Member


    Info on a UK line please, and a test line would be appreciated. It is for a ZGemma H2H, and I believe it can either be an N: or a C:
    Should be setting the box up over the next couple of days.

    Many thanks.

    Copied post from above but it's what I'm looking for also
  14. redandwhite

    redandwhite Member

    Needing a little advice guys. Had h2s for years. Moving to new house, cable there..looking in to h2h. Not sure what is needed.. Box obvouisly. Lines wise..Pm please..
  15. andymcl43

    andymcl43 Member

    Alright Looking for a Cline For vm Glasgow. Zgemma H2.H. cheers
  16. tacapall

    tacapall Member

    Hi. Im looking for UK cable N line. Thanks in advance
  17. castleb36

    castleb36 Member

    Needing a UK VM N Line (MGCamd) and/or Oscam - Birmingham region. For all Movies, Sports, Asian, PPV, etc channels. Thanks in advance
  18. Bobdillan

    Bobdillan Member

    Hi, looking for cable line in Midlands area. Thanks.
  19. baggyeyes

    baggyeyes Member

    VM Line for new ZGemma H2H

    Hi All,

    I have a new H2H on its way to me. Comfortable with setup and flashing of box.

    Just wanted to know if there was a thread around where I can obtain a VM line. Can anyone point me there? New to the forum.

  20. keyring88

    keyring88 Member

    Hi All,

    I have an Edison OS Mini on it's way. Looking for a VM line, Nottingham area.

    Cheers :drink:
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