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Remote code needed

Discussion in 'Technomate Discussions' started by FrozenFlash, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. FrozenFlash

    FrozenFlash Registered

    Hi. I have a techno mate nano SE m2 Plus and the remote is horrible. I've already had it replaced once but the OK button has stopped working on two remotes now. I have a universal remote so I need a code. Does anybody know what 4 digit number I need? Thanks
  2. dave100

    dave100 TK Veteran

    All TM-1000 Series 249
    All TM5000 Non super Series 251
    All TM-5000 Super series 253
    All TM-6000 Series 606
    TM-500-600 LINUX 254
    TM-800 HD LINUX 127

    some universal remotes need 4 digits
    add 0 before above numbers
    example 0249
  3. dave100

    dave100 TK Veteran

    try this not sure if it will work 0249 or 0254

    or 1085 and 1273