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Renault Laguna radio code?

Discussion in 'Radio Codes' started by EmGall, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. JoeSupermoto

    JoeSupermoto Member

    I am using the roller wheel on steering wheel stalkto input the code and then holding down the button on the base of the stalk to enter the final number.
  2. Laguna2.0

    Laguna2.0 Member

    Just bought a new Laguna a requires a radio code.

    Security code. Be 7436
    Serial no. 4500001

    Thanks in advance for any help!!
  3. Joan

    Joan VIP Member


    Your code is .... 2111
  4. Lag95

    Lag95 Member

    I bought a used 1995 Renault Laguna and don't have the stereo code. I tried downloading two online code calculators but all I got was a virus....
    Can anyone help with this code pls?? The headunit is a Blaupunkt G5 and the numbers on the label are:
    BP 4495 S2664512
    7 644 495 091
    Would greatly appreciate any help, even if its just a link to a tried and tested code calculator.
  5. Joan

    Joan VIP Member

    Your code is .... 2875
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  6. johnblack

    johnblack Member

    Laguna Mark 2 code needed can anyone help?

    Security Q568

    Barcode number 8200607909T
  7. Joan

    Joan VIP Member


    Try code .... 9413
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  8. johnblack

    johnblack Member

    Joan, you are a legend!!!!!!!!! Many thanks it totally worked!
  9. C warren

    C warren Member

    Battery went lost code
    Model no 22DC279/62z
    Prod no FD0302490392210
    If anyone can help
  10. aloysius

    aloysius VIP Member

    try code 6729
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  11. C warren

    C warren Member

    No luck
  12. Joan

    Joan VIP Member

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  13. C warren

    C warren Member

    Thanks trying to get it working today

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