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Restore/ recover disk problem

Discussion in 'Windows Vista and 7.' started by andy86, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. andy86

    andy86 Member

    Hi guys I have a acer aspire 7750g running windows 7 home premium 64bit

    My laptop did that auto update to windows 10 and it just wasn't for me and additionally it seemed to impact on my laptops performance

    So I rolled back to to 7 and that's where the real problems began the machine became extremely slow I tried all sorts deleting anything non essential virus scans the lot nothing seemed to do much so I dug out my recovery disks I made Upton purchase

    All seemed to be going well but shortly after having to insert disk 2 it gives up the recovery gets to 43% (now copying z:\images\pop010eao0xx1cf174.swm

    It sour there on 43% for a good 5 mins then it pops up saying

    Restore failed-error code=Ox17(dataerror (cyclic redundancy check ).)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. BigJ0hn

    BigJ0hn Member

    Sounds like it's a disc read error. Try giving the disc a good clean with a lint free cloth and trying again. If the same thing happens get in touch with Acer to send you a replacement disc.
  3. aldan

    aldan VIP Member

    in any machine ive ever upgraded,win 10 is faster.there are,however tweaks that can be done to make it run on older hardware.how long did you have it installed before you rolled back?
  4. biff2005

    biff2005 Member

    dont you have a windows 7 disc to restore your laptop ?
    if not go to microsoft website and download one
  5. taylermore

    taylermore Member

    Hello, i would run a disk check through command prompt, you can do this from the Windows 7 recovery disk press alt and f10 then run chkdsk /f /r and let that run the disk check.
  6. Jacksoft

    Jacksoft Member

    clean the disk and check for scratches,google how to restore badly scratched disks.
    or clean disk and try to make a copy of it..i`ve managed to revive loads of disks..
    but if you succeed..make a backup whilst the going is good.
    Also clean CD and try to copy it on another pc..as dvd writers deteriate when not used regulary.

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