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SPIDERBOX - OpenATV-VIX - AutoBouquets

Discussion in 'General Spiderbox Talk' started by Gazzeg, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Gazzeg

    Gazzeg Member

    Hi folks.

    My dad has a Spiderbox and I was wondering if there was a way to get his working with the OpenATV or VIX images for the ZGemma.

    I'm interested in the AutoBouquets mainly and Softcam for MGCAMMS for this box so I don't have to do updates on the channel lists every week for him :)

    Hope someone can help.

  2. 1554leslie

    1554leslie Self Closed Account banned

    I dont think you can add that type of firmware to the spiderbox
  3. ElBenno

    ElBenno Member

    Can anyone confirm this?

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  4. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

    Spiderbox models are closed source receivers which means they cannot run 3rd party images such as Linux Enigma2 and rely on firmware released by the original manufacturer or a 'Patched Version' by some 3rd party team
  5. ElBenno

    ElBenno Member

    OK thanks.
    Do the latest patches give a good solid viewing experience when connected online....

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  6. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

    They work the same as every other satellite receiver, so good solid viewing will be down to whom ever sources you your viewing
  7. ElBenno

    ElBenno Member

    Can you point me in the right direction if I wanted to use an nline with spiderbox 9000hd?

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  8. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

  9. ElBenno

    ElBenno Member

    Cheers, the line isn't the problem.. Latest firmware, patch and how to...

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  10. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

    There has been no patches produces for the SB9000 since 2012 so if you have it already patched with the 2012 one then your good to go
  11. ElBenno

    ElBenno Member

    Thanks... How about channel lists?

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  12. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

    you have to create your own as this model is no longer supported and people moved onto other receivers, the latest version is the Spiderbox 6000 which is still supported

    Latest channel list i could find for the 9000 attached

    Attached Files:

  13. sean12

    sean12 Member

    support for 9000hd patches ended a long time ago as far as i know (got 1 collecting dust now) unless someone started unofficial patches - mine still works although free n lines were always hard to find but you can search for free daily c lines - some are ok but most are poor...
  14. welshtomo

    welshtomo Member

    Hi gents can any of you help how do you add the CCcam or Mgcamd on to this spiderbox so I can enter lines


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