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sports mania

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by Billy2424, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Billy2424

    Billy2424 Member


    I wonder if anyone can help, I have installed wooshbuild on my zgemma H2H and installed kodi direct.
    I have a supscription with sports mania and I have installed the addon on kodi direct but everytime I try to open the addon it just crashes the zgemma.
    The addon I have installed is this one


    could anyone help please??

    Many thanks
  2. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    Don't use kodi on a zgemma.
    It's not kodi It's a crap addon that doesn't work mate ( some will say it does but I see alot more posts about it causing problems)
  3. Billy2424

    Billy2424 Member

    Ok thanks,

    Is there any other way of getting the sports mania addon on to the zgemma that you know of??

  4. RossB

    RossB Member

    Install it via TSMedia

    It works well, have a look on here there is another thread about it, with a full guide on how to do it.