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Stuck installing ubuntu gnome for months

Discussion in 'Linux From Scratch' started by nojobsforme, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. nojobsforme

    nojobsforme Member

    Yes, i have tried boot repair.
    Reinstalled grub, updated.
    I am using live session from usb since i dont want to go back to windows.

    The installation hangs at "almost finished copying files"

    My desktop uses a nvidia graphics which i figured can be an issue. Tried with nomodeset still it got stuck while almost finished copying files.

    Gnome image is fine. Reverified.

    Any suggestion withoutme posting other details?

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  2. t3rminal

    t3rminal Member

    Weirdly I have had a similar issue with Ubuntu. No matter how many times I tried to install in or re copy the installation img to a CD/USB nothing would change. Have you tried using a different version or do the install after removing the GPU

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  3. nojobsforme

    nojobsforme Member

    Removing the GPU, too lazy for it. Does that seem like the only way to go?

    Yes, first I tried LTS unity, then 2 different downloads of gnome.

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  4. javajoeuk

    javajoeuk Member

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