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Technetix splitter

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by eagle, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. eagle

    eagle Member

    Hi please could someone help me with which Technetix splitter do I need?

    I've found at Technetix ESI-02, but on one output it says 3.6 db and the other 4.0 db.

    Is this the one to use or is there one with equal db on each output?

    I think the stated 3.6db and 4.0db is the loss to each output.

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  2. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran

    You want to use the..... 5-1000MHz splitters for best results m8
  3. eagle

    eagle Member

    I know mate, the one mentioned above is 5-1000mhz. But is it the right one?

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  4. eagle

    eagle Member


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  5. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    It's the right one.
    The only way to get no loss on splitting cable is to use a powered HDU splitter
  6. eagle

    eagle Member

    Thanks mate. I just thought it would of been the same loss on each output and not different. Which one does modem go in to?

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  7. cableconnect

    cableconnect Member

    If your struggling for signal use the 3.6 for the receiver and the 4.0 to the modem.
    Shouldn't really make much difference using any way round
  8. eagle

    eagle Member

    Is this the splitter that vm use?

    Can you not get a splitter with equal loss at each output? Say 3.6db on each output?

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  9. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    No you cannot get a equal loss splitter (I've not come across any used by VM) use a HDU unit if don't want any lose of signal.

    Only buy ones that VM use to get the best results, others have different opinions but from personal experiences I follow what VM use and never had a issue.
    Using the correct splitters and cable it's possible to run multiple receivers at once as I've tried it.
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  10. eagle

    eagle Member

    Is this the same splitter used by vm?

    I've heard vm use tratec, but tratec now seem to be technetix.

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  11. MrIan

    MrIan Member

    The one above looks lower loss than the one I was given by VM.

    They gave me a technetix ESX-02, 5-1218 MHz 2 way splitter WITH 4.5db loss on each output
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  12. eagle

    eagle Member

    So what is normally plugged in to the 3.6db output and the 4.0db output by virgin?

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  13. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Try it any way you want, we are only talking about 0.4 DB loss.
    I would use the router on 4.0 and receiver on 3.6
    If your having issues on this set up then find a powered HDU unit as used by VM which will work perfectly with no loss
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  14. eagle

    eagle Member

    Thanks mate

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  15. Waz786

    Waz786 Member

    Dangerous is right technetix powered 400 hdu splitter work brilliant. I had similar issues where i was getting interferences, pixlated & power levels to high. But i purchased one of these splitters & it resolved all my issues may cost abit but definitely worth it. Go in buy & sell section on here
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  16. databiz

    databiz Member

    One other threads I read said you can also use labgear. Screwfix had one so just bought. Anyone used one of these and is this OK to use as well.
  17. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    It's not the correct frequency VM use and I believe they're more susceptible to interference but i've used a few of them without issues.