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Technomate TM-5402 HD CI+

Discussion in 'Technomate TM-5000' started by tonycos, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. tonycos

    tonycos Member

    Can anyone tell me how to put a CCCam on to a technomate. I've been asked to try for someone and cant get my head around it .
  2. dave007

    dave007 Member

    Go to technomate community forum download latest phantom patch. Then put on usb stick and insert in your box press. menu then choose usb external device then usb up down file manager look for your file should end .stb then press i button on zapper . Then do the same for .cfg file reboot box. Check working by choose a channel then then enter 8281 see if cam has connected
  3. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    I have the exact same problem as of today - installed a motor dish and 5402 box. Tried the above method to the dot. However, after installing the patch, which apparently was successful, I can't add the line details. It says "invalid txt file". It's configured correctly as a .cfg file.

    After that, I did get into the server details by using 8281 and manually entered details - the server said it was connected and the line still won't clear channels.

    What am I doing wrong?
  4. dave007

    dave007 Member

    When you use say Microsoft wordpad don't save as a .txt file use "save as" and then type Cccam.cfg
  5. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    I did, save as- all types by txt file.

    I've manually entered my line details behind 8281 server entry but still
    Not clearing
  6. dave007

    dave007 Member

    The format is : web address, port,name,password this is how it will be sent to you .
    So reset first yellow button

    So 8281 gives server list click ok to connection 1 server edit screen comes up choose protocol cccam last line is port enter number, second to last line is address so put web address, ID is name and final!y password is password press
    Red button to connect

    Could take a couple of. mins, status goes green then says connect
  7. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    Thanks for your reply - did that and connection did go green. But channels still not clearing.

    Line provider issue? Normally reliable and says all ok his end
  8. dave007

    dave007 Member

    On the server page does it say connected in green?

    What channel are you trying to clear on which satellite?
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  9. johnboy7610

    johnboy7610 Member

    Hi people does anyone know of a good iptv server at a good price

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  10. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    Yes - the line details go through and it says connected in green.

    I have now 2 different test lines form two sources to isolate whether it was a provider problem. Don't think it is.

    I am trying tf1 on Astra 19.2e as that's my benchmark channel to see if it's working.

    Before my installation yesterday I had an openbox v8s and tf1 was fine.

    My sat alignment is fine and have strong signal recieived for tf1 (and all Astra channels tbh)
  11. dave007

    dave007 Member

    Did the server say connected ?
  12. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    Yes - in green.

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