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Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 Plus remote required

Discussion in 'Technomate Discussions' started by FrozenFlash, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. FrozenFlash

    FrozenFlash Member

    I have one of these boxes: Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Enigma 2 Linux HD PVR TRIPLE TUNER Combo 1x DVB-S/S2 + 2x DVB-C Receiver

    I've only owned it for about 4 months but all of the buttons surrounding the OK button, and the bottom left corner TV button have become very difficult to register. I click them but nothing happens unless I firmly hold them down for a few seconds. I've tried new batteries but it didn't help. Other buttons appear to work fine. Has anybody else had a similar issue, and is it easy to fix?

    Failing a fix, I need a new remote. I can't find the same one (picture in the link above) anywhere. Does anybody know how to source one?
    My worry is buying a replacement and the same thing happening if it's a common issue. In this case, will a universal remote such as a Logitech Play work for my purposes?

  2. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    I would have a go at getting a replacement from where you bought It, should last more than 4 months
  3. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    Have you sorted a replacement ?

  4. SueinItaly

    SueinItaly Member

    My remote control for the same box is now giving exactly the same problems as you have described. It is 7 months old. The company I bought the box from (strangely the same company as the link above trying to get a new sale!!) takes the view that the user is obviously at fault. If you do send it back to them they will say it is still working and charge you to return it. I have been in contact directly with Technomate and they won't ship a new one until the original is returned. This obviously leaves the box unusable until you get the new one. So, what do you do? Buy a new one to cover while you are waiting? Why should that make you pay more? There are so many faults with this box, but now I am so tempted to just junk the lot and buy a box that doesn't make me swear at it every single day. As for a Universal replacement, I can't get my Bose speaker remote to work with the box. The code that Technomate supply doesn't register with the Bose universal remote, so it is quite possible it won't work with other ones. I got no help from Technomate tech support on that problem either. Yet another reason to get rid of it.
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  5. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Member

    Sue the box can be used I believe without the remote. Have you ever logged into the box's webif? This is done by putting you box's ip address into your computers/phones browser (example and it should give access to the box and enable you to turn the channels over.
  6. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    Just replaced Remote, Ok and TV button stopped working..

    Got to agree the remotes are very poor quality.

    Shame as the box has preformed very well.
  7. zwarder

    zwarder Member

    Anyone want to donate their old remote to me. I have an optimuss os3+ which has the same problem. The technomate remote is similar but has extra buttons & I am wondering if it will work.
    I have actually repaired my own remote temporarily but the technomate is the only replacement I can find close to the original
  8. danlou

    danlou Member

    Interesting post as I have just requested a replacement remote for same receiver from W.O.S - It seems to be a common problem then. This receiver is just about 7 months old. W.O.S have great customer service so they will be able to positively help you out
  9. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    I had this issue with my Nano 2 Super. I would highly recommend you pick up a Logitech Harmony universal remote. You can pick one of these remotes up for cheap or brand new off Amazon.
  10. woody6222

    woody6222 Member

    Replacement copy on the auction site £11.99 with 12 month warranty, item no 371982769049. May be better quality than original.
  11. southsimon

    southsimon TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Is the remote not part of the 2 year warranty if bought from W O S ??
  12. woody6222

    woody6222 Member

    W O S terms & conditions state '12 month warranty' and probably is part of warranty
  13. southsimon

    southsimon TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Well I have that box and it's covered for 2 yr warranty

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  14. Karlchadw

    Karlchadw Member

    Exactly the same problem, roughly the same age and same response from WOS. Would follow it through but they want the remote back to look at the remote to determine if its down to the user who is at fault before they issue a new one so will be without a remote for a period of time. Might be easier just to buy another.
  15. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    just tell them they are getting a bad reputation with this - they want the remote back knowing that you can't manage without it and want you to just buy a new one, take screenshots of this thread and email them to them - if they're selling substandard goods it's up to them to make it right, what do they expect people to do? - if the remotes are the weak link, they'll either have to offer something better, stop selling the boxes or accept a dent to their reputation, demand a refund and just generally play hardball, mention a solicitor and they'll probably sh!t their knickers
  16. akman

    akman Member

    Same issue here only its the on / off button that is difficult to operate. I have an all in one remote but am struggling to find the remote code for the sat remote. Can anyone advise please.
  17. morph1963

    morph1963 Member

    I have a technomate 3T Combo with remote button problems, i took it apart and used a contact cleaner from maplins to clean the board and it sorted the problem. Whilst it was working I brought a one 4 all universal remote and used the learning function to copy the original remote buttons.
    The original remote has failed again since cleaning. The OK button was playing up. I took it apart and used a small piece of foil on the button which seems to have resolved the problem. I hope this helps someone
  18. southsimon

    southsimon TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    WOS informed me, if it's under warranty buy another from them and then return the faulty. They will refund back. That way your not without a remote to use.

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  19. FrozenFlash

    FrozenFlash Member

    Wow. I haven't come back here for a while but I'm glad it wasn't just me!
    I've had problems with my replacement after being told my original had water damage but was replaced out of good will. But not without the caveat that this will not be done again! I've never had water near it and the fact that the exact same issue has occurred with this replacement tells me that was a fib. I have a one for all but I need a code to make it work. Does anybody have the correct 4 digit code?
    The learning function won't work for the OK button since it doesn't work to begin with lol

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