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text message

Discussion in 'LG' started by sandog, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. sandog

    sandog Member

    iam at the moment in a bit of a dilema with my server i sent some money for a sky box and a line he text to say he wanted my adress so i text back on the 4/12/12 but he is saying i sent him the wrong post code. my post code reads m22 9uy, but he says i sent him m22 9uj. ive still got the original message i sent him on the 4/12/12 on my phone and im trying to prove to him i sent the write one. but when i send the message to another phone, it does not show me the actual date it was sent, it shows the date i sent it on, how can i get him to read this original message thet was sent on the 4/12/12, to make him understand that i did send the write one after all the thing is now the only problem with the adress was the j in the post code i still would have thought this box would have still arrived at my adress if the post code is in the same area and my road that i live on is the only one one. there is no other street road or avenue that even resembles the the name of my road now he is saying royal male are trying to sort this out the thing is its been 10 days now and i dont know if im ever going to sort this out thanx sandog
  2. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    First of all what does this have to do with text and LG?.

    How did you send the money - vai paypal or other?.

    So I read that you sent him a message with address, he said you sent the wrong postcode. So is he saying he sent it to the wrong postcode, the one you gave him? and for that reason the box is lost in postage?.

    Does he have proof of postage?.
  3. Linny40


    not quite understanding what your saying or why you put this in the LG mobile phone forum as it obviously has nothing to do with an LG mobile phone, but the loss of a postal item. But after looking up your post code the roads are somewhat apart and the post office when they send out mail put things in postcode order. Getting back to sending your message your phone and the receiving phone only have the date/time of when you sent the message on it cannot know that you sent the message origionally say the week before.
    As HT said if you sent via paypal it will have your full address on file for the other person to check and verify. If you sent via other then i suggest maybe you contact them to find out if they sent payment and tell them you have not recevied your goods if you think the guy in genuine. How was it posted if it was recorded delivery then someone would have signed for it and there would be proof!
    Other thing is to ask him to send you the message you sent him ( if he still has it) to prove what details you text him.
  4. sandog

    sandog Member

    ive been on his server for a while now so with all payments its throgh the bank. probobly one just set up for this sort of thing and he said he does have proof he sent it, but its lost in transit, all i want to do is send him the original message with the date of the 4/12/12 then he can not keep saying i put the wrong post code on the message and if ive posted in the wrong place im sorry about that
  5. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Try forwarding the message to yourself, usually that will include on some phones the date.

    I would also ask him for the proof. i.e track and trace number.
  6. sandog

    sandog Member

    as i sent it on my lg, i thought this was the place to put this thread and thought someone may have any suggestions either screenshot or something else i could possibly do to get that message back to him somehow with the text and date ,so then he really can not keep accusing me of putting the wrong post code, i dont think i can do much more at the moment and i suppose i learnt a valuble lesson here many thanx for your replies
  7. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Well feel free to post a screenshot of it if you like then redirect him here by all means.
  8. sandog

    sandog Member

    hi hitech i think the only way is sceenshot and send him that if its not to blurry tried sending it to another phone in the house but it does not have the date i sent it it has todays date 14/12/12 i will try and phone in a bit if i can get through see what else he comes up with
  9. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Hope this helps, if you say what model of LG phone you have we may be able to get an easier way to get a screenshot for you
  10. Linny40


    if your LG is a smart phone then maybe you can take your screenshot/photo of your origional message and then send him a copy of the photo via text, but on saying that it depends on what type of handset he has - it may not be able to receive photos or messages with date/time stamps.
    thats where you seem to have confused us, are you asking about how to do something on the handset or asking how you can rectify your problem with the postcode and you lost item.
  11. sandog

    sandog Member

    my phone is lg ks360 its the wifes phone she has had it for years but thats all i know about it and the person in question is a member on this site

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    sorry linny 40 i just wanted a few suggestions as to how i can get that message over to this man with the actual date i sent it so then he will see thats its not my mistake
  12. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    So the person that sold you the box is a member here, is that what your saying?. you really need to get the SS up then you can send him to this thread.
  13. sandog

    sandog Member

    thanx again hitech when i can get hold of him i will ask for my moey back whitch is £50 for the box f3 box and the £70 for the line that i get when this box arrives its been 10 days now and not getting many answers of this man and he still has my money
  14. Linny40


    ah right now we are getting somewhere, if you know the members name ( dont put it in this thread) but try contacting him on here via pm, if you can get a screenshot or photo of the message you add it to this thread and as HT said direct him to this thread, even if you pm him you can say you have photographic proof on here, then he can see it.
    hope that helps.
    I have jsut googled that handset and it does thread messages ( sounds like the iphone where all messages to 1 person are all together in a thread ( rather than individual texts)
    But as said even after all that it depends on the handset he has as to how he gets his messages. For arguments sake if you sent me a message they would all be in a thread so i could see by scrolling back up the whole of the conversation!
  15. sandog

    sandog Member

    i will try and sort this screenshot out and many thanx to all who replied it just seems like im going round in circles but its nice to here some positive responses
  16. ferguj1

    ferguj1 Super Duper Modulator Staff Member

    If all else fails and you cannot get an actual screenshot, pull up the text on your phone and use a digital camera to take the picture and then post that in here.
  17. shiniclone

    shiniclone Member

    thank you, this helped a lot.
  18. Fesd

    Fesd Member

    Thanks for the post, it helps.

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    Thanks for the post, it helps.
  19. eattenat

    eattenat Member

    screenshot and take a post, i can do it

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