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thinks i whoopsied....:(

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by darlarium, May 19, 2017.

  1. darlarium

    darlarium Registered

    Hi all,
    ive just flashed my box due to what i found out to be a bad cable due to weather ..this is where the problem starts ..it cleared all the info no worries back to open atv image then .....i went to load ipab on it ...flsh happened the it said boot so removed the usb and now im stuck on boot and will not seam to reflash just screams at me when i put the usb in ..and yes it was these forums what made me find the real problem which was a cable which had broke causing no lock on a search ..so im hoping someone will have good advice on resolving this issue
  2. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Are you using the right ipab? Is there different versions of it ?
    Flash back to a stock atv
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  3. darlarium

    darlarium Registered

    reflashed it with a new 6.0 atv image before i went to bed reflashed with diff i pab image got my free veiw side up and running now its issues with sode line grr ill try it when i get back home tonight
  4. darlarium

    darlarium Registered

    well got the box working on the image but now its the dam line install got a free code eg trial to check its not my code that lapsed...so could someone please ell me the correct files to have within user/keys on ipab on open atv .6 as i have about 10 files in there and i dont think there should be ..dont have a clue whats going on with my box at the min
  5. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    what type of line are you trying to add?
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  6. darlarium

    darlarium Registered

    okay i was trying to use a mg cam line and i had been using 1.35a for this a few weeks ago i lost a few channels ..then i lost loads and thought this was a issue with box so i reflashed and had issues sine ..read above :(
    i have about 9 files within the user /keys profile im sure i do not need all of these but i just read a worrying post which might indicvate why i lost all channels ....post follows

    Important update for our value customers


    On Tuesday16th May Sky blocked another 25 channels (see below for details).
    On Thursday18th May Sky blocked another 25 channels (see below for details).

    As of Tuesday 25th May all customers will be renewed for free until 31st August. We are confident there will be a fix available before this date.
    For customers who have already paid a subscription any days that have been paid for will be extended for free after 31st August.
    This outage has affected all providers of Sky UK across Europe. No provider can currently provide the channels that are blocked. Oscam developers have provided many fixes over the last 15 years so hopefully they will also provide a workaround for the current issue.
    We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the current inconvenience.

    now i have tried 2 lines within the mgcam file set out as cws web adress port username password then 01 02 03 04 etc and nothing will active the sky line up only the fta will appear..its baffling me really is...

    well now i am getting worried as seen this on yet another site ...

    Update26.04.2017-16.05.2017- ISSUE: SKY UK have started blocking channels,5 frequency are down,please be aware before ordering,Also SKY Sports 1-5 out

    and this another statement ..so is this the end of zgemma :(
    Reports suggest that Sky have implemented “Icam” security, the same security that was used when Sky Italia went “dark” a few years ago, and still remains dark to this day.

    It could be that we do soon see a “fix”, and these systems will continue. How long this will take is anyone´s guess.

    In the meantime, there are some other versions of some of these channels on other frequencies that may still be open.
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