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TV Licence

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dt99, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    Has anyone actually stopped paying for this and have you had any comeback on it? I know you don't need one if you don't watch live TV, but I'm more interested in people who do watch it.

    I keep reading about people who are refusing to pay it and I agree with what they are saying, but is it worth the risk?
  2. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    i think they changed the rules on it, so even if you watching shows on iplayer you now need one
  3. joe516

    joe516 Registered

  4. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    There are some interesting YouTube videos on how not to pay.
    But in the end capita who collect payments on behalf of BBC will repeatedly return. In some cases intimidation tactics are used.

    Noel Edmonds refuses to pay because of intimidatation..
  5. si111

    si111 Forum Supporter

    If u go down the route of no TV licence,
    Ignore all letters they send even if they have a person's name on,
    Do not answer the door to anyone and don't spk when u open the door,
    Even to confirm the address u are at,
    Make sure yourTV cant be seen through a window at front back or side of house,
    And don't use BBC iPlayer or sky go as u need a licence for that,
    Don't get any electrical items that are capable of viewing live TV delivered to ur door,get them delivered were a licence is held at.
    Welcome to the "**** the BBC" Brigade
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  6. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    What's a TV licence?
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  7. jigger121

    jigger121 Registered

    Send them a letter from the legal occupier detailing that you do not need a tv license, but send it by recorded delivery. Also remove their implied right of access to your property. They sent me a letter detailing that i dont need one but they will send a new letters in two years and no officals will be allowed at my property. So hassle free for two years (i hope)
  8. Wingchundub

    Wingchundub Registered

    Simply, do not pay, ignore all letters, NEVER EVER COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.
    Sending Woira letters, calling them, puts you on their radar, Do not take advice at all that suggest to do this.
    Been 11 years free and will never pay those scum a penny ever again.
    You can buy a tv by all means, i have 3 times, once by debit card, scum currys gave them my info.
    AND lol
    They came a knocking asked who i was and do i live here blah blah, simply pick your phone up and start recording when unexpected knocks at door.
    The new tactic is to repeat your address incase you are recording when you answer the door, in hope you don't post it online lmao.
    Easily edited lol.
    Don't confirm nothing, they need to explain who they are, when they do, say not interested, or simply shut door.
    Having a tv does not require a license, after all you could had bought it for dvd's and consoles, but end of day, naff all to do with them.
    If they become arsey and throw all their threats, simply ask them to **** off and film them and car reg, saying is your car covered under business insurance, they'll jog off.
    Only do this after sometime you get used to their boring letters and threats, which are never opened and binned, so your more confident and learn their operation.
    They earn £20 from each sale, they are indeed sales people, nothing more.
    They need you to confirm your name and infact your are watching live broadcast.
    If they do not get that, they can't do nothing at all.
    Stay in control, answer nothing, and enjoy your day.
    Its just a game to me and love it when they come a knocking, treat it has entertainment and a victory, when they walk away gutted.
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  9. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I would love not to pay.. But my Mrs is an accountant which wouldn't go down to well with her employers.. I truly hate paying it.
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  10. 8175

    8175 Registered

    Tell them to "f**k off"

    Don't pay a penny
    Dont give a name
    Don't waste your time on idle chit chat, laws etc etc, just tell them to f'off and close the door.


    Never paid for a license, caught twice (thanks bro), told them in court I was still not going to pay it even after the judge dropped it from £1000 to £130, and didn't pay it, still not paid it 13 years later and no intention to.
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  11. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Not worth the hassle £12 . And I get to keep my curtains open..
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  12. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    black and white tv all the way lol
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  13. Wingchundub

    Wingchundub Registered

    Keep my curtains open and blinds are at angle where from outside it can't be seen anyway.
    If someone i find is staring in my window on my property, They are either a perv looking at my missus, pedo looking at my both 6ft lads lol, or they simply want me to come out and leather them.
    They will be treated accordingly.

    This notice gives all cold callers an idea of the owner lol
    Only tvl that chances it, Idiots
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  14. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter


    Haha. I don't think I would be bothering you mate..there again would I do a shit job. Like collecting money for capita.
    Which capitalised on the sick and most wanted in society.
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  15. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Not had a TV licence for 10 years
    I paid in 2007 and started paying monthly in 2008 but stopped.
    In 2010 they sent a bloke to the door, 8pm on a Sunday night, 'Can I ask why you haven't got a TV licence?'
    'No you can't'
    He attempts to put his foot in the door, so i said, you might wanna move that otherwise it'll get hit with a hammer'
    He moved it and stammered something about it being 'illegal to watch TV without a licence' so i told him to phone the police and I shut the door.
    Six years later an old fella, probably in his seventies knocked and asked if i'd 'made an enquiry' about TV licences, I told him no and to shut the gate on his way out, which he did and no one's been back since.
    The correspondence range from red threatening letters, begging letters - 'lets get this sorted together' and occasionally a handwritten card - the last handwritten card came through the door while I was watching The Simpsons about 12 months ago - no one knocked.
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  16. Tilerone

    Tilerone Registered

    Its a double edged sword this debate about pay or don’t in my opinion.

    Most remark I read seem to come from folks whom probably dont like to pay for anything if they can get away with it. Don’t bash me ...... I get it.....but....... lets look at the bigger picture.

    Firstly who developed tv public broadcast and gave you what you know today as tv..... yep the BBC. Who built most of the transmitters....... yep the BBC. Without the BBC you’d probably not even have sat and cable as you know it today..... well it would be here but maybe not as advanced.

    You say you don’t watch the BBC ....rubbish, you’d be supprised at how many tv shows, movies, drama, documentaries, news programs GLOBALLY are made by or with the BBC, even if broadcast on another channel.... yep even sly or many more US channels.

    So how are these award winning shows going to get funded if no ones pays the TV lic......simply...they just do away with the lic and increase other taxes in the UK or start with adverts......you dont win.

    Yep its pisses me off too that you pay the lic only to the BBC but there are way more channels and they don’t get a cut but they choose adverts over public funding....... the lic is wrong I agree its like someone saying every household MUST have sly or virmin and you will pay. Could even call it an internet tax....sounds even worst put that way.

    I could go on with the whys and why nots, but this is how I look at it and from experience .........

    We get things for free (probably 99% of users on this forum) that we should pay for, its fraud/theft whatever you wanna call it.......so don’t try justifying it as its cost isn’t an valid argument...cant afford it....don’t have it “cough” I cant afford a number of things but do I go out and steal.....NO. “Cough”.
    Do you wanna live your life looking through your window or having debates on your door step with these so called officials ? I DON’T I wanna enjoy life. If your are getting a service free you should pay for like a TV service from sly or vm why attract more attention to yourself ?

    Now to clear a few legal comments above from experience.......

    TV detector vans are few and far... but do exist..... don’t matter the lic board have a list of all internet connections per household... thats enough.
    General officials can not obtain access to your house without your consent...... but they can and do with police and with warrants and it DOES happen, ok rarely and normally they do it in areas. They can take you to court for non payment amd you can refuse to pay even if a court judgement is passed, do you eant your credit screwed up with a CCJ etc? They can NOT ENFORCE the judgement unless taken to the high court where the high court Can send out their enforcement agents and they can gain legal entry to remove goods to redover the dept...you CANNOT STOP THIS AT ALL apart from paying or arranging a payment schedule. THIS IS EXTREME AND RARELY HAPPENS. It does though and I know people who have had cars removed and household items removed due to non paymemt of of lic...... I must stress this is really really rare.

    So it boils down to how much you're prepared to go through. If your life is 100% legit...screw it dont pay.....but if your a tad dodgy.....just pay the damn thing and stay under the radar lol

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  17. nicoj24

    nicoj24 Forum Supporter

    Isn't it really an entertainment license now has you can't get away without paying it even if you have a radio think the law changed years ago when satellite tv first came out.
  18. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    What do you mean I could ?
    Read the post again i am using it !

    TV Licence is so outdated it's bohemiam.. advertise. as ITV do
    Or PPV. I honestly do not watch BBC TV .it's run by the over priveaged
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  19. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I've not paid for ten years so what's that? - £1500?
    If they come around with plod and catch me watching telly, it'll cost me £150 to buy a licence

    Profit = £1350

    And please, they don't advertise? - the BBc get billions from advertising as they own Dave, Gold and countless other TV stations airing BBC programmes and there's no shortage of advertising on them
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  20. Tilerone

    Tilerone Registered


    Just commenting mate. You wanna watch dave etc progs x years after oringinally aired fine. It was only of my statements. Seems debating on here gets a bit tetchy lol

    Right this thread was about tv lic. You made your comment and I get it. I made mine. Lets not turn this thread into a child abuse thread.....seriously its not appropriate.

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