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Virgin IP Addresses

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by tech1200, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. tech1200

    tech1200 Member


    Got a new Superhub and my IP has changed from:




    Can anyone shed any light on how virgin IP addresses are set up? (I have masked the numbers for obvious resasons).

    I am more curious about the 'KNOW' part of the reverse lookup.

  2. LeePhillips

    LeePhillips Member

    I believe most are using ipv6 now

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  3. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    Whats with the 'KNOW' though, what do they know?? what i'm up to?
  4. Celtic

    Celtic Member

    Virgin ip addresses are static, now and then ip addresses will change on virgin but this is rare.

    However if you recieve a new modem/router then your ip will change///serial number and mac address will be different to your old hub so nothing surprising here for your external ip to change.

    Anyway i would,nt be worried about (know) doubt that will mean anything

    Why what are you upto haha..

    Btw there is no need to post this query on 2 seperate locations/threads like you have done.
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  5. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    know is knowsley, merseyside
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  6. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    If it is Knowsley, why is my internet connection being routed through that data centre and not my local one as previously? What do virgin do at Knowsley?


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  7. LeePhillips

    LeePhillips Member

    are you near to knowsley?
  8. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    Nowhere near, I'm in Scotland

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  9. neo1977

    neo1977 Member

    youll know from the papers glasgow has had a blackout on network issues on broadband, Will be rerouting traffic to sort out the problems
  10. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    My IP relates to London, always has, and I'm in the NW,
    I think its only variable IPs that actually relate to the area you are in.
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  11. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    No, I noticed a change in IP address weeks before the blackout Glasgow was having.

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  12. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    What do you mean variable IPs, like dynamic IP addresses? I made no change to my broadband package, only had a new superhub fitted.

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  13. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    Yes, if you have a fixed IP, which you generally pay more for, then your IP seldom bears any relevance to your actual location,
    If your IP is dynamic, like most people, and its free, then it could be any area at all really, but its usually somewhere close to your location, your router just uses the first available IP it receives.
  14. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    I understand but I have a dynamic ip and find it strange my ip is routed through a data centre 250 miles away, there must be 50 virgin hubs nearer than Knowsley.

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  15. LeePhillips

    LeePhillips Member

    Vm don't offer dynamic nomore they are all static

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  16. steptoe

    steptoe TK Veteran

    they cant be, really.?
    I wouldnt have thought there were anywhere near enough IPs for them to give everyone a static IP,,,,,,
  17. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I assume it depends which is available and best suited to accomodate a large volume of users at fairly short notice, Glasgow's customers probably got spread around the uk fairly evenly
  18. ASHHBI

    ASHHBI TK Veteran

    How are isp providers allocated their ip addresses? There has to be a central point that says to EG: virgin these are your IP address ranges. BT would then have a different range.
    Do isp providers request how many they require?