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Vu+ USB turbo tuner settings / no option for Network ID

Discussion in 'Vu+ SOLO Support' started by reveri3, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. reveri3

    reveri3 Member

    Hi everyone,

    would like to say thanks in advance to anyone who will be assisting me.

    I have just purchased a USB C turbo tuner for my Solo SE v2 and connected it to my box. It does get detected and i can change its settings but i cant find anywhere the option to add my network ID, this is so weird. Everywhere i checked on the same place there should be option to add network ID but i dont seem to have it. I just get option to choose provider.

    Has anyone seen this before? my image is BH3.0.2

    Many thanks!
  2. reveri3

    reveri3 Member

    Didnt get any replies but i worked this out myself.

    So, on BH for cable tuner, you dont get any option for network ID, just pick your provider as Virgin and do the scan, it should still be able to pick all the channels. You do get option to enter network id on images from other groups i.e. openvix

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